How do we spell FREEDOM?????

Supreme Court to hear landmark case of baker who turned down gay couple’s wedding request

Is it ludicrous,  here in The Land of the Free and home of the BRAVE, the court systems are getting involved as to whether a baker should be FORCED to bake a cake for a gay couple. What ever happened to our freedoms, where the hell is the justification for this?

The gay community chose to go against what was NORMAL, where a union between married couples was a man and a women.  No one stuck a gun to their heads and FORCED them to accept that life-style. BUT; they are meteorically speaking, sticking a gun to this bakers head and FORCING him to make a cake for their ceremony.  Do they want me and the rest of the country to believe that there are no gay bakeries in this country that can accommodate them?

You all know what my answer is;   bull.

This couple probably wants to go on a world wide tour on someone else’s dime and they see this as a great opportunity.  So many other similar case by the courts ruled in favor of the gays, they probably  wanted to jump on the $oldi band-wagon.

Because of all the HEAT/PRESSURE the PC-communities has put on society, everyone and their Ma Ma are trying to jump on the PC bad-wagon with their ridiculous demands. It is a shame to say, the legal system has capitulated to them big time and they are mopping up all they can get.

The loving couple Charlie Craig and David Mullins of Denver visited Masterpiece Cakeshop to buy a custom-made wedding cake. Owner Jack Phillips refused his services when told it was for a same-sex couple.

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I dare anyone to refute the observation. What if there were only Jack and Joey or Susan and Sally roaming the earth; none of us would be here. FOLKS; in a nut shell; it is not natural for two men or two women to be married. How  much more simplistic can I put it?

Be that as it may; society in general has accepted gay and respected their existence. BUTTTT; many of the gays want to impose their life-styles and beliefs on us all.  I don’t care what they do or how they chose to live. Why should they infringe and push their beliefs on the NORMAL society?

I continue to ask; when is this PC nonsense every going to die-down? Answer; NEVER. As long as we have the fools who wear the robes and beat the gavels, getting involved in these outlandish situations and ruling in their favor, PC-ness is only going to flourish and pick up steam.  I think it is disgraceful.

Anyone that believes these two characters are not out for a free ride; I still have about 12,0000 acres of PRIME swamp land for Sale. Get it while they last.


It is my biggest fear that the USA is on a downhill slide, moving so rapidly that it may be impossible to stop.

Is this what all of the PC fools want their kids to grow up with, an environment infested with all of this pandemonium? It appears that way to me.  Shame on them

As for the lovers; go find a gay bakery somewhere. They can decorate it any way your little hearts desire.


Maybe you can find a honeymoon resort that has mud wrestling activities that meets your fancy.


You and your life-styles want to be respected?  Respect mine and I will respect yours.


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