Talk about big balls …….

Years back I read a story about some guy that had a cabin in the woods where he went  a couple times a year. Every time he went there, someone had broke into it, stole whatever they could and vandalized the place.

Using good logic as I would have; the guy set a booby trap with a wired up shot gun just in case the intruder/thief decided to visit again.  Sure enough, after the guy left,  he had a uninvited visitor. When the thief forced to door open the shot gun went off and wounded him.  Should have aimed it a little higher and to the left.

Now what would any enterprising thief do in that situation? Naturally; sue the owner for setting up a booby trap.  If I remember correctly, the thief had some feeble mined judge that awarded him a settlement.  He was at fault BUT still got a pay out. Then he went on trial for breaking and entering and served some time.

That story reminded me of Matt The Mauler.  He broke every rule in the book that a pervert could possibly break and in the end, he is suing NBC for 30 million dollar$.

Unlike the idiot judge that gave the thief a settlement, NBC is holding fast and as of now will not pay  Matt The Mauler a dime.  I think the guy has very big goolunies to take that approach when he is dead wrong.

I think it is a good idea if he and the other freak, Anthony Weiner got together and wrote a book titled;  How to be on top of the world one day and in the gutter the next because of OUR stupidity. I don’t know if anyone would buy it!!

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Lets face it; these fools are one time offenders. They have been crossing the line for years and finally got caught with their pants around their knees.  I have no sympathy for either one.

Wanna be treated like a man, act like one.





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