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NBC News boss, under fire, announces review of Matt Lauer allegations, vows ‘most severe’ punishment for those who kept silent

Embattled NBC News President Noah Oppenheim told employees Friday that he had launched an investigation into who knew about fired “Today” host Matt Lauer’s bad behavior and didn’t report it — and promised harsh retribution for any employee who had kept silent.

Just like in any case where there was a cover-up; how many victims could have been spared the agony of the crime if the offense was nipped in the bud, if the criminals were not protected?

I have always maintained; the people in the Catholic religion, from a low level priest all the way to Pa Pa that knew about the kids getting molested by the predator pedophiles were as or more guilty then the degenerate bastards that hid behind their collars.  Penn  State and all the rest included.

The same thing applies here. If the people that knew about Lauer and the rest of the abusers and would have reported them sooner, 100’s possibly 1,000’s of ladies would have gone unmolested.

If there are going to be any law suits initiated, I am sure there will be, the victims not only should sue there abusers but the people that covered it up as well.  The cover-upper’s (new word)  pay grade and rank should not enter the picture. They all broke the laws of the land and inflicted immense degrees of pain and suffering on the victims.  Just like the get-away driver in a bank job; they are just as guilty as the guy with the gun, wearing the mask.

In every insistence, the cover-ups were all about the $odli.  Bad publicity, poor ratings, dropped sponsors.  Bad publicity, lesser attendance in the church and few envelopes dropped in the Sunday basket by the sinners.  Bad publicity,  the alumni quits kicking in.  All about the $oldi.

Let us hope that Mr. Oppenheim sets a standard/pattern and there are many others that take the same course of action. Possibly these horny, degenerate zipper pullers will think twice about dropping their drawers.

This is a question I have always wondered about criminals. Do they ever think of the consequences and how it would affect their family? The answer is easy; narcissists don’t care.

The lid on the gigantic can of worms has yet to be fully removed yet.


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