Only fools get extorted

NFL owners appear poised to pay nearly $100 million bribe for nothing

NFL owners seem poised to donate nearly $100 million (including some contributions from players) over seven years to support the favorite social justice causes of the players. But in a perfect show of how incompetent they are, the owners will get nothing from the players in return. No promise to stop disrespecting the national anthem or any other meaningful concessions.

The old saying is; there is a sucker born every minute. Where the NFL ownership’s are concerned, there are 32 suckers handing over 100 million dollar$ to the players as if it were a 20 dollar bill.

It appear that the tail is still wagging the dog and will continue to do so.

Can we even begin to imagine; what if all the corporations, large and small in this country, if the workers dictated to the owners as to what they will and will not do as part of the job performance?  Where the hell would we be?

What it amounts to; some of the big shot billionaires are anti-American and agree with the kneelers or they are too cowardly to take a stand for what is right.  To take a stand for what is right; insisting everyone stands for the National Anthem and following through with the owners directives will most probably sideline some of their better players.  This is what the owners are fearful of, costing them a chance to with the Super Bowl. FOLKS, it is always about the money.

BUT; in all of their supposed business savvy, they allow themselves to get shook down for 100 million dollars to support the social justices the players are signatory to. To me that is extortion.

How can the owners get an upper hand on the kneelers if they agreed to GIVING them 100 million dollars for their social causes.

The bigger questions is; what are the organization that the players subscribe to? Are they all like Black Lives Matter, an organization that started off peacefully but morphed into a much more militant element?

This is an example of where it starts. Pay close attention to the word reparations that is used several times in their platform.

  1. the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.
    “the courts required a convicted offender to make financial reparation to his victim”
    synonyms: amends, restitution, redress, compensation, recompense, repayment, atonement

    “the victims are seeking reparation”


Black humanity and dignity requires Black political will and power. Despite constant exploitation and perpetual oppression, Black people have bravely and brilliantly been the driving force pushing the U.S. towards the ideals it articulates but has never achieved. In recent years we have taken to the streets, launched massive campaigns, and impacted elections, but our elected leaders have failed to address the legitimate demands of our Movement. We can no longer wait.

In response to the sustained and increasingly visible violence against Black communities in the U.S. and globally, a collective of more than 50 organizations representing thousands of Black people from across the country have come together with renewed energy and purpose to articulate a common vision and agenda. We are a collective that centers and is rooted in Black communities, but we recognize we have a shared struggle with all oppressed people; collective liberation will be a product of all of our work.

We believe in elevating the experiences and leadership of the most marginalized Black people, including but not limited to those who are women, queer, trans, femmes, gender nonconforming, Muslim, formerly and currently incarcerated, cash poor and working class, disabled, undocumented, and immigrant. We are intentional about amplifying the particular experience of state and gendered violence that Black queer, trans, gender nonconforming, women and intersex people face. There can be no liberation for all Black people if we do not center and fight for those who have been marginalized. It is our hope that by working together to create and amplify a shared agenda, we can continue to move towards a world in which the full humanity and dignity of all people is recognized.

While this platform is focused on domestic policies, we know that patriarchy, exploitative capitalism, militarism, and white supremacy know no borders. We stand in solidarity with our international family against the ravages of global capitalism and anti-Black racism, human-made climate change, war, and exploitation. We also stand with descendants of African people all over the world in an ongoing call and struggle for reparations for the historic and continuing harms of colonialism and slavery. We also recognize and honor the rights and struggle of our Indigenous family for land and self-determination.

We have created this platform to articulate and support the ambitions and work of Black people. We also seek to intervene in the current political climate and assert a clear vision, particularly for those who claim to be our allies, of the world we want them to help us create. We reject false solutions and believe we can achieve a complete transformation of the current systems, which place profit over people and make it impossible for many of us to breathe.

Together, we demand an end to the wars against Black people. We demand that the government repair the harms that have been done to Black communities in the form of reparations and targeted long-term investments. We also demand a defunding of the systems and institutions that criminalize and cage us. This document articulates our vision of a fundamentally different world. However, we recognize the need to include policies that address the immediate suffering of Black people. These policies, while less transformational, are necessary to address the current material conditions of our people and will better equip us to win the world we demand and deserve.

We recognize that not all of our collective needs and visions can be translated into policy, but we understand that policy change is one of many tactics necessary to move us towards the world we envision. We have come together now because we believe it is time to forge a new covenant. We are dreamers and doers and this platform is meant to articulate some of our vision. The links throughout the document provide the stepping-stones and roadmaps of how to get there. The policy briefs also elevate the brave and transformative work our people are already engaged in, and build on some of the best thinking in our history of struggle. This agenda continues the legacy of our ancestors who pushed for reparations, Black self-determination and community control; and also propels new iterations of movements such as efforts for reproductive justice, holistic healing and reconciliation, and ending violence against Black cis, queer, and trans people.

My question to all of the FOLKS that want or even demand reparations is; if their great-great-grand father was a child molester or a serial killer; should they be held accountable for what he did so many years ago??  Anyone that says yes is a hypocritical fool.

No one is responsible for the crimes or sins of any other person.

If slavery is their big issue; why is it that they consistently avoid the fact that a great number of slave owners were black?


How Many Slaves Did Blacks Own?

So what do the actual numbers of black slave owners and their slaves tell us? In 1830, the year most carefully studied by Carter G. Woodson, about 13.7 percent (319,599) of the black population was free. Of these, 3,776 free Negroes owned 12,907 slaves, out of a total of 2,009,043 slaves owned in the entire United States, so the numbers of slaves owned by black people over all was quite small by comparison with the number owned by white people. In his essay, ” ‘The Known World’ of Free Black Slaveholders,” Thomas J. Pressly, using Woodson’s statistics, calculated that 54 (or about 1 percent) of these black slave owners in 1830 owned between 20 and 84 slaves; 172 (about 4 percent) owned between 10 to 19 slaves; and 3,550 (about 94 percent) each owned between 1 and 9 slaves. Crucially, 42 percent owned just one slave.


Pressly also shows that the percentage of free black slave owners as the total number of free black heads of families was quite high in several states, namely 43 percent in South Carolina, 40 percent in Louisiana, 26 percent in Mississippi, 25 percent in Alabama and 20 percent in Georgia. So why did these free black people own these slaves?

In essence; the NFL players are do the same thing, demanding reparation from the owners.  It is a one sided shake down and the owners are foolish enough to capitulate.

Con-men like Jesse Jackson, Albert Sharpless and many other parasitical black leaders have been on their soap box for years demanding reparations.  This is just indicative of their way of life; living off the sweat of others.

Jesse is the same Dude that shook down Budweiser years back to GIVE his kid a distributorship or he was going to initiate a boycott of their beer. The fools at Bud gave in.

Jackson and other like him have the balls to address themselves as REVERENDS????

As we can see; nefarious methods are nothing new to some of these silver tongued serpents.  As a matter of fact, they are their people worst enemies.  They know exactly how to keep those dollars floating into the basket on Sunday by keeping their people pissed off.

What good leader of people continually tells them to keep putting their finger into the flames? A well intentioned leader tells/shows his people how NOT to burn themselves. Teach/preach EDUCATION not reparation.

If the owners felt a little benevolence on their part and voluntarily want to donate TO THE CAUSE,  that would be all well and good. BUT; being coerced into it is nothing but a shake-down.  I think it is called extortion.

If the  NFL owners have a few mill that don’t need, the Goomba Gazette would love to donate it to some military organization that deserve 100 million dollar$ a hell of a lot more then some shake-down artists.

I know I sound like a broken record, BUT …  Most of the fault on how the black community functions is with-in their own turf.I don’t make up my opinions.

An all out focus on crime prevention and EDUCATING their kids would be a lot more productive than getting reparations.  They would piss way, just like the $oldi they receive from social services.  Old Italian saying; Free money is never appreciated or used wisely.

My hope in all of this mess is; eventually more of the patriotic Americans will boycott football; only then will the cowardly owners be forced into doing what is right for this country.


Don’t forget ladies, if that $oildi is burning a hole in your skivvies, I have a good home for it.


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