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You can take it to the bank

US intelligence fears holiday terror attack It is a very sad commentary as to how low some bottom-feeders have slithered in so many areas, especially terrorism, with their total disregard for human life.   It is not an exaggeration that … Continue reading

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What an inspiration they are!!!

THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS EDUCATION Without their education, these three phenomenal ladies would have been, as the world viewed blacks at the time, just three average black girls who would have gone totally unnoticed in life. Instead, through their … Continue reading

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Who was for dinner

USA Today Man dies after 4 pit bulls attack him in Philadelphia on Thanksgiving Day Just because the man living in the City of Brotherly Love, it didn’t do him any good.  Four pits bull attacked the man and chopped … Continue reading

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Just what the USA needs, more porn

Pornhub to open erotic NYC shop with live-streaming bed videocam I don’t know what the PC-ers call it but I call it FREEDOM OF THE IGNORANT!!! Online pornography website Pornhub is set to open a temporary real-life sex shop Friday … Continue reading

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Krying Killer got his due

Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius’ prison sentence more than doubled to 13 years, 5 months Good for the judge. He didn’t let the celebrity of this spring legged killer influence his decision.  I still think he got off easy only gtting … Continue reading

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Off with their heads

North Korea may have replaced its entire border security team after defection I will guarantee one of two things. The NK soldiers that let the defector escape are either 6 feet under already or they are in a NK … Continue reading

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CNN whitewash

The headlines on CNN are: Trump to troops; you are really winning since I took office. At first, I said to myself, here PDT goes again blowing his own horn. That was until I listened to the video. reading

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There is strength in numbers, even if …..

By Fred Fleitz | Fox News Trump is right — America and Russia need to work together to lower tensions Freddy Boy, I have been standing on my soap box preaching the same thing ever since PDT put his hand … Continue reading

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Don’t hug your Daddy kids, he may be …..

Girl Scouts Urges Parents To Not Force Kids To Hug Relatives During The Holidays This is what it is coming down to FOLKS. Society has become so paranoid that the fools that run the Girl Scouts of America are telling … Continue reading

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Prisoner in his own Tweedy Cage

FOX NEWS Poor man’s Don King’: Trump takes aim at hoops dad LaVar Ball as feud escalates I have gone the extra mile giving PDT the benefit of the doubt; BUTTTT, this man continues to make a fool out of … Continue reading

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