Time to lower the boom the Howling Hoglet

Rosie O’Donnell calls President Trump a ‘child rapist’ after Matt Lauer firing tweet


If there ever was an accusation that necessitated legal actions, this would be it.

What in God’s name is this imbecile Hoglet smoking? She has gone way off the charts, far beyond anything she has spewed out of that sewer she calls a mouth.  There are not many crime that are as despicable as a child rapist.  I have to call her one brazen bitch.

I think it is about time PDT starts putting the hammer on some of the more denigrating Boulder Rollers and throw them in the slams. Many of the accusation/hostile remarks leveled at PDT have been clearly life threatening and against the law.

I think PDT has been very benevolent in not pressing charges some of these wack jobs as he could have according to the law.

Now it the time for PDT to make move by sending the Secret Service to the Hoglet’s pen and some of the other more aggressive Boulder Rollers and slap the cuffs on them .

I can just see the throw-back in the PC movement. The far-lefters would make these fools national heroes and idolized by millions.  This is just another example of how low our standards have eroded in this country. There is absolutely nothing sacred or out of bounds.

Having an opinion and expressing it is one thing; BUT when someone stoops as low as this despicable Hoglet did, there definitely needs to be consequences.

images       index.jpg

I really hate insulting the hog by making a comparison.

Anyone that can side with the Hoglet is as bad as she is.




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