Matt the Mauler

All it amounts to is; Lauer was a sicko pervert in a $3,000.00 suit.

If possible; making matter even worse, the top brass were keeping his escapades under wraps. Why we ask?? Only two things matter to those media freaks; $oldi and ratings. As far as I am concerned, they are as culpable as he was and should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting.

They can be compared to the HIGHER-UPS in the Catholic religion that protected the perverted pedophile priests only for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Revelation of disgraced Matt Lauer’s ‘secret door button’ raises eyebrows

Ex-NBC employee claims Lauer sexually assaulted her until she passed out in office, report says

Lauer caught telling Meredith Vieira to ‘keep bending over like that’ in 2006 video clip

Pay special attention to Lauer’s expression and his eye when he is tell Vieira to keep bending over. His eyes show pure evil.

NBC brass ignored litany of complaints about Matt Lauer, reports say

It appears that Lauer was not just the common/average piece of perverted trash. He is in a category all by himself.  This reprobate had a secret button under his desk that he used to lock the doors when a female entered his office to keep them from getting their bonnets.  There are laws against that called, false imprisonment.

Laws on Holding Someone Hostage. A hostage is a person or entity being detained or held by another party either for criminal reasons or for criminal purposes. … Under the Constitution, even the law enforcement agencies are not allowed to detain a person who is suspected of committing a crime.

False Imprisonment – FindLaw › … › Accidents and Injuries › Torts and Personal Injuries

False imprisonment is the unlawful restraint of a person against her will by someone without legal authority or justification. … Similarly, “false arrest” is when someone arrests another individual without the legal authority to do so, which becomes false imprisonment the moment he or she is taken into custody.

If the authorities really wanted to put the screws to Matt the Mauler, they could probably have this scumbag put away for a few years.

What sets The Matt Mauler apart from the other perverts, he publicly chastised many of the men that were doing the same thing he was.  He wanted to be the HERO but turned out to be the ZERO

He is almost as bad a Chuck Manson chewing out Jeffery Dahmer’s ass for being a monstrous killer.

As much as I sympathize with all of the ladies these perverts actually did cross the line with; I find it very hard to come to terms; why did it take so long for SOME ladies to come forward? We are talking decades.

This may raise a lot of eye brows BUT facts are facts.  SOME of the ladies may have not objected to the advances or even welcomed them as a way to further their careers.  I will go so far as to say, some even initiated the transgressions. BUT; now that the dogs are out of the starting gate and they smell the scent of GREEN, they want to get on the $$$$$ band wagon.

It is common-knowledge that SOME women know just how to maneuver and purposely use their TOOLS to get what they want. As I said in yesterdays post; it is very dangerous to hang a “T” bone steak in front of a starving dog!!

Don’t get your jibs rigid ladies, I am on your side. Please pay attention to the word SOME.

My opinion does not diminish the severity of the crime, it just shows the deviousness of some ladies and the weakness of some men.



You know what I say to that; bull.

Matt The Mauler, like all criminals, are just sorry they got caught not for what they did.

It can be like living in the penthouse suite one day and the next day in the basement next to a furnace.  Stupidity!!

I always love it when I see the jail house convertees walking around with a bible under their arms. Why didn’t they see Jesus before they committed a crime.


Some of these case are truly criminal offenses and should be punishable by prison time. Especially with The Mauler circumstances; where he held women against their will.

When we take a good look at all of the men that crossed the line; 98% of them are highly intelligent people OR  are supposed to be. What truly intelligent person would cross the criminal line when they know down deep in their twisted souls they are committing a crime? Are they really intelligent people? Are we giving them too much credit of because of their positions in life?

I guess we can conclude; scumbags come in all shapes, intellectual levels, sizes, financial backgrounds, colors and creeds.

I say, if they are guilty,  they all should be made an example out of and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

To the ladies that are out only for a pay-day; they should have the gavel dropped on them as well.


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2 Responses to Matt the Mauler

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    This one is really a sicko

    as he had a secret button under his desk to lock unexpecting women into his office

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