He is the guy to watch

El-Sayed, Abdul.jpg
Born Abdulrahman Mohamed

October 31, 1984 (age 33)
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Education University of Michigan, Ann
Oriel College, Oxford (MA, PhD)
Columbia University (MD)
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Sarah Jukaku
Awards Rhodes Scholarship
Paul and Daisy Soros
Fellowships for New
Website Campaign website

This is the guy to watch out for. I never paid much attention to him until my nephew sent me an article about this guys aspirations and I looked him up.

If there is one name in the list of his awards (I highlighted it in red) that should jump out and bite you in the crotch, it is Soros.

Paul Soros was the older brother of George Soros


If this article doesn’t send up red flags, I don’t know what will.


The very old cliche; we can always tell about a person character by the company they keep, puts it all into perspective.

The USA’s voters made a huge mistake when they voted in Obama, thinking he was the Great Black hope that was going to straighten out the system that was in such disarray. Needless to say; Mr. O got the nod and put the USA back about 100 years with many of his ill-thought of or purposeful detrimental decisions.

Some say I am a very intuitive person and can detect a person inner personalities by looking at them.

El-Sayed, Abdul.jpg

You tell me.

If this guy was given an award by the Soros family, it must mean that he espouses to their way of thinking.  Again; you tell me .

Fool me once it may be your fault; fool me twice and I am an idiot!! Famous Italian quote.

It is no secret that the Muslim world has intentions, at some point in time, to take over the world.  By looking around and keeping my head of of the sand, I would say they have a pretty good head start.

One of the major problems plaguing the USA’s citizens is DENIAL and their obsession with PC-ness . They do not want to believe that we are walking on egg shells and all is not well with the world.  In so many separate areas, the world is a ticking time bomb, getting slugged from every direction. There are too many negatives to list.

IFFFFFFFFFFFF; we do not wake up from this deep slumber we have been in for the last decade, someday, after the world comes crashing down on our heads, the fools will ask themselves; WHAT THE JUST HELL HAPPENED??

It will not be JUST; it will be a culmination of unattended disasters (people – places and things) that were grossly ignored and like a deadly cancer; eventually over taking  all of their opposition that stood in their way.

Like a fog in London, it will creep across the ground totally unnoticed, until some day it will envelop all of us.  It may not happen for 15 or 20 years but I can tell you, if some very serious conditions are not acted upon immediately, it is on it’s way.

If I was a betting man; I would say the USA will continue on it’s present course to involuntary suicide.

Is this meant to scare the shit out of the believers?? I hope so. The clock is ticking.

Many may say I am a crape hanger and a defeatist.  Absolutely the opposite. I am a realist that does not ignore reality.

I hope I am wrong!!!

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