Don’t be surprised if ….

Trump on North Korea launch: We will handle it

President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House that the United States “will handle” the situation in North Korea after the rogue nation launched yet another intercontinental ballistic missile.
I would not be a bit surprised if PDT sends The Kid Dick-tator a special delivery package with his name stamped on it.
The situation the USA and the rest of the world has been in with this madman is very precarious. We can use the old saying; we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
If we wait for The Kid to make his move and are unsuccessful in shooting down his missiles, it will be ugly. If we attack first because of all of his threats, that will not sit right with the rest of the world and would put the USA in a very dangerous position.
Personally I would not want the weight of that decision on my shoulders.  PDT needs all the support he can get right now from everyone and supporting his decisions.
The Monday morning quarterbacks should stay out of this; they are a dime a dozen.
I understand that 2 of the biggest Boulder Rollers in DC, the ding-bat Pelosi and Chucky Cheese Shurmer showed their true colors yesterday by not showing up for a meeting call for by PDT.  Does that tell us how much they care???
I will say this without reservations; the majority of the politicians are the most, self-centered, juvenile, narcissistic, immature creatures on the planet.  I know they are not ashamed of who they are, but they should be.

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