The old girl is right on target!!

Huffington Post

Angela Lansbury Says Women Must Sometimes Take Blame For Harassment

It is not an excuse BUT a reason why some sexual harassment takes place.

One question. What would happen if we hung a 16 ounce juicy “T” bone steak in a string in front of a starving dog. We all know the answer.

The same thing applies to how SOME women and girls dress so provocatively.  They are hanging their half nude bodies in front of a sex hungered men and do not expect any repercussions  for them.

Why do SOME females feel it is necessary to walk around with all of the accessories hanging out? 1st, they are exhibitionists and second they want to get a rise a rise in the men’s Levis.  They invite them in for dinner, then slam the door in their face.

The old rule of DUMB; never lock a drunk in a liquor store and don’t expect him to sample all the booze.

Check out these two broadies and tell me what they are wearing or not wearing is suitable to wear in public. If you agree, you are as foolish as they are.

4                   index.jpg

This manner of undress used to be the exception not the rule.  No the tides have shifted and is becoming more prevalent.

Just to be clear; under no circumstances do I agree with sexual misconduct of any kind; BUTT, many of the ladies that dress inappropriately are hanging their chops in front of a ravished dogs.  If they don’t want to get bit, don’t pet the dog.

Sad to say; there also is a percentage of devious vixens out there encouraging the men to misbehave by their manner of dressing or acting just so they can land a payday.

I will give Angela a thumbs up for her observations. If they don’t want to get bit, don’t pet the dog.


“There are two sides to this coin,” she said. “We have to own up to the fact that women, since time immemorial, have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive. And unfortunately it has backfired on us, and this is where we are today.”

Angela looks pretty good for 92 years old. Continued good health.



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