Don’t hug your Daddy kids, he may be …..

Girl Scouts Urges Parents To Not Force Kids To Hug Relatives During The Holidays

This is what it is coming down to FOLKS. Society has become so paranoid that the fools that run the Girl Scouts of America are telling the members not to hug friends and relatives anymore.  Actually, they are specifying; no hugging DURING THE HOLIDAYS. BUTTTTT; if they would want them to abstain during the holidays, why would they hug any other time??  It leaves me a little confused.

Huffington Post

As the barrage of explosive sexual harassment allegations continues against men in Hollywood, the media and Capitol Hill, Girl Scouts of USA is reminding parents that questions of consent apply to children too.


In a holiday-themed blog post gaining attention this week, the organization, which counts 1.8 million young girls as members, reminded parents to not “force” their daughters to hug or kiss relatives if they don’t want to. Doing so, read the post — which is entitled “She Doesn’t Owe Anyone a Hug. Not Even at the Holidays” — could give kids the “wrong idea about consent and physical affection.”

I can say one thing for certain; there are going to be a lot of ethnic people that will be pissed off and insulted by being shunned. The Italians, Spanish, French, all the Latin people have been hugging and kissing cheeks for centuries. Now, because there are a FEW demented sexual deviates out there; the Girl Scouts want to put a label on everyone.

Wake up you Girl Scout leaders. Go do what you do best and sell some cookies.

Is there ever and end to this PC-insanity?  The PC-ers are attempting to turn everyone one on this planet upside down and revolutionize our entire way of life.  When in the name of a Turkey Drumb-stick is the clammed-up silent majority ever going to come out of their shell and go to war with these fools?? When is enough ever enough??

To all of you pathetic- Pc-ers out there. Better not have the kids kiss or hug their parents goodnight; those slime bags may  have some nefarious intentions!!  You people are maddening.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and mention not to eat too much of the ugly bird.


You notice, I didn’t use the “T” word. I understand that the wack job PC-ers are taking offense to the classification of the beast and want everyone from here on to refer to the bird as a UHV,  (unfortunate holiday victim). 

Holiday tip: When you are cutting the UHV, use a very sharp knife and be sure to slice against the grain of the meat so it does not shred.



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