Can’t help but wonder

Obama vacation home hits the market for $17.75 million


We continually hear the stories of the cops that make 75 grand a year, living in a 3 million dollar house and drive a Bentley.  Gotta make a person wonder.

This is NOT Obama permanent residence, it is his vacation home. WOW.  Can’t help but wonder what his main shack looks like??

Let us do a little math. The USA’s presidents make 400 G’s a year – divide that into $17,750,000.00; it would take Mr. O 44.375 years to pay for the crib, that doesn’t even count the groceries or the servant pay. In that PC pad, I wonder if they are allowed to use the term servants??

Best of Both Worlds

Currently Obama’s net worth is $12.2 million. People are wondering why Obama’s net worth has increased in the eight years that he has been President. After all, he has only been paid a $400,000 annual salary since he took over in 2008. When he became President in 2007, his net worth was only $1.3 million. So, what explains this huge increase? The thing to consider is that Obama has several sources of wealth, not just his President’s salary. Before Obama became President, he was actually drawing two salaries. One as a Senator of Illinois and another for teaching as a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. He was earning $80,287 and $32,144 respectively from these two jobs and for both jobs, he has a retirement plan for $100,000.

We can see by this article, when Obama was voted in the 1st time, he was worth 1.3 million.  I don’t know what kind of stocks he invested in but they were sure winners for Mr. O.

Back where I began. What do people say about the cops that are living 100 time past their means. Their must be some clandestine activities going on, right??

Numbers are about the only thing in politics that do not lie.  It is ALMOST impossible to increase ones wealth to the extent that Mr. O has, in that short amount of time.  He is not the Lone Ranger; this has been a pattern for most of the guys that sat in the Big Chair. BUT to this extent, I don’t know?


Based on what I know, (some people probably wonder) a vacation home SHOULD cost in the neighborhood of  1/10 – 1/4 of a persons net worth.   Based on that formula, Mr. O and his crew are very well fixed.  My only question is; where did he come across all of that $oldi.  I know it was not from picking up nickles and dimes people dropped at a bus stop.

We can use our imaginations as to how politicians get so wealthy, so rapidly, BUT if we use good common sense, we all know what the answer is.

As I said many time about a Catholic priest and the same applies to politicians; I never saw a skinny one driving an old car!!


Can’t help but wonder

Welcome aboard to long lost cousin DA!!

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