Too little – too late

Bill Clinton should have resigned after Lewinsky affair, New York Democrat says

Kirsten Elizabeth Gillibrand was just getting her feet wet in politics when Wild Bill was sitting in the Big Chair and getting his feet wet in other fashions.


She made this statement to the New York times the other day.

“Yes, I think that is the appropriate response.”

– U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., on whether President Bill Clinton should have resigned.

What rock were all of the Boulder Rollers hiding under when Wild Bill was tip-toeing through the White House’s tulips?

Shortly before PDT did a beat down on BB (Bill’s Bride) in the election, he was caught on tape talking about women’s private parts. Not an abnormal thing for some men to do. That is if you don’t ask La Bro James, who, with all of his years in the streets and in the locker rooms, claims he never heard such language. Give me a %$#*&^ break!! In comparison to what WB did, and deliberately lied to the world, Trump looked like a kid that was in his 1st year in the monastery.  Comparing apples to apples, the Boulder Roller still want to crucify the Trump. Is that hypocrisy or what??

This is just another example of over-the-top PC-ness or lack of an even playing field.

It is too bad that Gillibrand was not a senator at the time and could have started the impeachment ball rolling.  BUT, she may have had a different perspective not wanting to be the rebel in her party.  Monday morning quarter-backing is very easy task for a fortune teller.

With all of the improprieties and baggage the Clinton machine has, it is amazing to me that they still have such a massive support group and following.

What is the old saying; sheep of a feather will follow any dummy off of a cliff; or something like that??


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