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 BBC documentary maker goes missing in search of indigenous tribe

While attempting to film a documentary about a remote tribe in Papua New Guinea, a British explorer’s family is fearing the worst after he missed his pick up out of the jungle.

Benedict Allen, 57, set out alone in the jungle three weeks ago with neither a satellite phone nor a GPS in an effort to find a tribe of indigenous people he’d discovered roughly 30 years ago. His hope was to film an update on their lives for the BBC. Although he warned family and followers that he might be out of communication for quite some time, his family has started to worry after he missed a flight to Hong Kong to deliver a speech at the Royal Geographical Society on Tuesday.


Allen probably wound up as  the main course at a cannibal dinner party. The natives he discovered 30 years ago are probably all dead and the new Mafia moved up and has a disdain for outsiders.

It is always been my contention; the undiscovered bush people were far off better before some missionary or explorer found them and tried to convert them or change their way of life.

They have been living a good healthy life  in their own ecosystem, not bothering anyone for centuries, until some fool finds them and tries to alter their way of life. Before they know it, they are being exploited, disease ridden, their lives put in turmoil  and it is all down-hill from then on.


I say; leave these people alone. They were much better off before the intruders disrupted their lives. Why would anyone want to bring these people into our tumultuous way of life?

In their own right, they are probably better off, stress free, self-sufficient, not worried about unemployment, possibly drug free,  no terrorism threats, not worried what their neighbor is driving, etc. then the modern man is.



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