Open the flood gates

Pentagon pays for service member’s gender reassignment surgery

The Pentagon said the director of the Defense Health Agency approved a waiver allowing the surgery to be performed in a private hospital.

Our PC military has capitulated once again. The have open the door to all present and future transgender FOLKS that are in the military by coughing up (excuse the pun) for their sex change operation. To be in-step with the PC-ers, it is no longer a sex change, it is a gender reassignment. Give me a %#&^@# break.

In time, there are going to be 100’s if not 1,000’s of dudes and dudesess who can’t not figure out who they want to be, lining up to enlist in the military. After they have the government (the taxpayers) pay for their switch and bate, they will either get their hats or our their bonnets and abscond with their new/free/paid for gender. It is something like going into a car wash a VW and coming out the other end as a Caddy. Gotta be something in the water.

This is a personal choice and decision these people are making, so I can not understand why the government should pay their car-fare.

I am afraid the PC can of worms hasn’t even cracked it’s seal yet.




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