Just another GIANT step backwards

Army lifts ban on cutters, mentally ill and drug abusers to meet recruiting goals

If the USA had any patriotic people among us, we would not have to settle from the dregs of society, the mentally unstable and sewer rats to fill its ranks.

Doesn’t the military have enough on its plate to deal with in their ever-day activities  without having to play nurse-maid to a bunch of unstable characters/lunatics?  Possibly the USA should activate the draft. If you want to see the boarders getting bombarded by the runners, that is all it will take. First we have the kneelers, then we will have the runners.

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Talk about patriotism!!!

Many of these people are like the guy in the group that never picks up the tab. He will stuff his face to the max, but when the check comes, all of a sudden he get polio and can’t reach for the check.  They are mooches, parasites and anti-Americans to the fullest degree.

The demise of any  country or society,  in most cases is not an over-night occurrence, it is like a slow-growing cancer. It is very hard to notice from the beginning but as time progresses it gets bigger and bigger before it totally envelops the body.

Our country has regressed in so many areas but especially in  patriotism that  it has now reached a critical stage where  the military is forced to accept people who are mentally and physically unstable. Is anyone under the illusion that these fools are going to reform after they raise their right hand? For-get-a-bout-it!!!! They are just going to get worse.

It is difficult enough to try to control people who have all of their marbles let alone some fools from outer-space.

This act of desperation and all the  anti-American activities are ALL signs of the demise of this country. Like a  slow-growing cancer that is nearly and probably inoperable. Batten down the hatches FOLKS; you ain’t seen nothin yet.

People my age will probably never see the down-fall but IF – IF this country continues down these dirty roads, it is not a matter of IF, it is a just a matter of WHEN. The handwriting is on the wall of  inevitability. I didn’t see any change in sight.

Through the years, I have made reference to the USA going the same route as the Roman Empire. What we are seeing is the precursor to it all. The arrogance – selfishness – greed – lack of patriotism – disregard for law and order – out of control drug abuse – civil disorder – sexual activities out of control – disgusting, degenerate role models – anti government activities out of control – the legal system getting soft on crime – street gangs and a 1,000 more other reasons why the USA is GOING DOWN FOR THE COUNT. 


Yesterday I passed a milestone with the Goomba Gazette  when I blogged  my 4,000th post.

My motivation for getting involved was, # 1,  I enjoy expressing my opinions, hoping  someone may come away with a different perspective on the subject.  I know my views are not shared by the masses but as long as they take the time to read them, possibly they will see the forest through the trees. The forest is getting thicker and thicker.

At times I get a little overzealous when expressing myself, only because I hate to see people sticking their hands and other body parts  in the meat grinder day after day.

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If I can open a few eyes, they may come away with a different, objective, honest outlook.

As we can see, in the daily news, the average Joe and Josephine  don’t want to hear the truth or realize that conditions surrounding them are less then favorable. They love to look through the kaleidoscope of life looking at all the different beautiful patterns and fooling themselves that is the way life is. There is nothing wrong with  that; UNTIL reality sets in and they are not prepared to deal with it.

Being well informed and a realist has two sides. One; we see things as they really are and learn to deal with them, many times in a proactive manner.  Downside; if our heads are in the sand and in denial, when the shit hits the fan, the naïve, foolish PC-ers are dead in the water. They do not know how to deal with adversity.

Two of my many clichés are; In our lives, we have to learn to eat liver on occasion, so we can appreciate  what a good steak tastes like. We have to know more how to take a punch then give a punch. If we don’t, the first time we get blasted between the eyes, we are going to completely fall apart. 


Take it from a lady that was there.

During the period of posting the 4,000 articles, I have experienced a rude awakening. I always was up to date on world new, that is what I thought. Was I ever wrong. Until I got into the meat and potatoes of the news, never  in my wildest dreams did I realize just how screwed up  the entire world is, possibly with the exception of New Zealand.

Civil unrest – wars – terrorists – terrorism, street gangs – out of control drug situations – crooked politicians , judges, lawyers, rogue cops, anti-Americanism – pedophiles – sexual perverts/predators, many of whom are in very high places and have paid big money to keep their dirty little secrets – flimflam attorneys that will deny their clients are robbing a bank when they have an AK-47 pointed at the teller; essentially the minuses outweigh the pluses 10 to 1 and getting worse by the day.

Am I a crape hanger or bleeding heart? Hell no, just a, realist, patriotic American with my eyes and ears open.

People have to understand something that is a fact of life. Problems are NEVER solved by avoiding them and pretending they do not exist. The only avenue to success and achievement is to address the problem head on, using good common-sense and good judgement. Most importantly; remember PC-ness (political correctness) is absolutely the worst thing that ever happened to mankind, that is, after the social media.

As I have stated so many times;  I truly believe that the USA and the world for that matter, are so far gone, it may be impossible to turn it around.  In some cases, I think much of what is happening to society is a conspiracy to disrupt civilization by some very high rollers that will be at the end of the road, scooping up all the chips. What other possible explanation can there be.

Years back Google come up with a contest on how to bring about world-peace. The winner would receive a substantial prize. I entered the contest and only used one word.


IF-IF-IF, everyone in the world respected one-other, that is the one word RESPECT is the answer to world peace. I respect you and your beliefs and you do the same in return. We don’t have to like one-another  to get along, just RESPECT each other . BUT, there are too many profiteers in this world that keep stirring the pot and thrive on dysfunctionality.

If I can/have turned a few heads with my posts, having people see the way things truly are, not  the hype  the media wants to portray, that in-itself will be satisfaction enough for me.

Keep on reading the Goomba Gazette and pass it on to all of your friends (if you have any) and your contacts. Take two and call me in the morning. The bill is in the mail.

View issues with an open mind instead of with a PC mentality and do what is necessary to make changes where they are needed. I really don’t think so, BUTTTTT, this maybe our last opportunity to turn things around.

RESPECT  RESPECT   RESPECT   RESPECT one another; that is the key to peace and harmony in the world. 

Semper Fi to all of the patriots in our country – to all of the anti-Americans, don’t miss the boat to North Korea. the Kid-dick- tator is waiting for you with open arms.


Let us see if Kimmy will put up with your nonsense.


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COMMON-SENSE is the name of the game Addressing topics other bloggers shy away from. All posts are original. Objective: impartial commentary on news stories, current events, nationally and internationally news told as they should be; SHOOTING STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP AND TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. No topics are off limits. No party affiliations, no favorites, just a patriotic American trying to make a difference. God Bless America and Semper Fi!
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