The dredges of donating

Way back, when citizen Donald Trump was running for the Big Chair; I believed that he was the right person for the job, as I still do, (BUT may times shrug my shoulders in amazement at his tactics)  I donated to his campaign. Ever since then I keep getting postal mail and email asking for more donations.  The one I got today is a doozy.


I’ve been in office for almost one year and I want to make a point of finishing the year how I started it – listening to what REAL Americans have to say. This time, I’m doing it over breakfast.

I would like to invite you to enter for the opportunity to meet me for breakfast in New York City and talk about the direction of our country.

Just be sure to make a contribution of $3 or more before the November 27 deadline to be automatically entered.

It’s always so nice to meet with the American people. The media is CLUELESS when it comes to understanding what voters think about our country. That’s why I want to hear it directly from you. So important!

Make sure you contribute $3 by November 27 to be automatically entered to win.

Looking forward to it,

President of the United States

I didn’t think that he multi-billionaire PDT was up against it financially and found the necessity to hold a raffle to break bread with him.

This may be SOP in politics but I think it kind of cheapens the office to some degree.  Needless to say, fool me once it’s your fault, fool me twice and I am a dummy. Not even $3.00.

I should have sent my initial contribution with a factitious name and address so my email and mail box doesn’t get cluttered with junk mail.


I backed up suddenly, stepped on the cat and broke his paw. Now I have a pissed off pet and sleeping in the garage.  I am going to forward the medical bills for the fleef to PDT for reimbursement. Fat chance of collecting, so maybe I will hold a raffle.



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