Wake up Steve; the damage is already done

Steve Hilton: Smartphones have turned us into tech-addicted zombies. Here’s why we should ban them for kids

If Mr. Hilton thinks he or anyone else is going to make society do an about face with the electronic age, they better wake up and smell the napalm. The damage is already done and only going to escalate.

These are the some suggestions Steve has to putting an end to the zombie way of life many people have fallen into with their cell phones and social media.

Ban smartphones for kids.  They should never have unsupervised access to the internet. There’s no reason that children need smartphones; if parents are concerned about staying in touch with their children, they can still give them feature phones without internet access.
Require all smartphone makers to show regular mental health warnings prominently on screens after a certain amount of usage.
Tax phone usage and direct the proceeds towards mental health programs that educate people about the safe use of technology, and help those who have been hurt by it.
Restrict smartphone use in public spaces. It’s absurd that cities around the world now have to introduce safety measures to prevent people from getting hit by cars because pedestrians are walking around buried in their phones.
Of course these measures would not solve all the problems associated with smartphones. But they would help reduce the social harm imposed by technology, while ensuring we still enjoy its many social and economic benefits.

Steve buddy has a better chance of pissing up a rope or gargling peanut butter. NEVER HAPPEN. The die has been cast and production of crippling the minds of society is in full production.

Don’t laugh at this observation. IFFFF, mankind continues down this very dangerous road, it will lead us into oblivion.

Robots will wipe out humans and take over in ‘just a few centuries’ warns Royal astronomer


Recently I watch a segment on the tele where Charlie Rose was interviewing a robot. To start with, the robot look as real as any human. Secondly; this machine was carrying on a conversation with Charlie as if it was human.

The inventors of this dangerous machine, said that the robot ACTUALLY is learning as it evolves and can solve problems more efficiently than humans. To me that is a scary place to be.

I don’t know how anyone else feels? I say, there are particular areas in the advancement of science that are going way beyond where they should be and are going to have devastating affects on mankind if they continue on their present course.  The way I see it, that course has already been charted and there is no turning back. Somewhere in the distant future, mankind WILL self-destruct in one way or another. With nutcases like the Kid-dick-tator, it may not be far off.

Many people laugh at my observations of the old days being a better time in life. They were a lot more simple and uncomplicated.  There is an old saying that can be appropriate; the man was too smart for his own good.

At this point in time; it would be impossible to turn back the clock on advancements.  We only can hope that scientists use common-sense and discretion in the  building of their Frankenstein. Chances of that are little to none; the beast will consume us.





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