The man has no filters

Trump mocks North Korea’s Kim, says he would never call him ‘short and fat’

Be that as it may????

Is all of that childish adlibbing necessary?? When JC was passing out tact, PDT was absent that day.

PDT probably is one of the most patriotic presidents the USA has had in many years BUT he has an obsession of running his mouth without weighing their consequences, much of which puts him in hot water.

I am not implying that he does not retaliate when necessary against The Kid-Dick-Tator,  but to be so infantile with his dialog at times is certainly something to be desired.

I would give PDT the same advice on how to deal with The Kid as I do with his other critics. IGNORE THEM unless it is a critical situation. When we ignore a fool, they USUALLY go away. Not that the Kid is going anywhere but I was never a big fan of instigating or  fanning the flames when dealing with a psychotic nutcase.  They are volatile enough under normal circumstances. The less said the better.

PDT; keep your eye on the hog, your finger on the trigger; put TWEETY Bird in her cage where she belongs, last but not least, zipper the lip. This North Korean fool does not need much to set him off. I would hate to see him hit the red button on account of a unnecessary  comment.  In the meantime:







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