À chacun son propre

Paris opens first nude restaurant for ‘au naturel’ diners

I always maintain; (À chacun son propre) to each their own.  I don’t really care what other people do with their lives as long as they are with-in the law and their actions do not affect me or my family. BUT, that doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with what they do.

Lets take the nude diners in a nude eatery.  By partaking in a highly unusual activity like eating in the raw, they are not breaking the law or hurting anyone, they are just demonstrating how different they are.

When I go out to eat, I like to be in a comfortable environmental and enjoy my food and not be pestered by people. I don’t want all the people staring at me to see how well I am endowed (only bragging) or my wife’s booty. I don’t want some dude walking over to my table to talk and have MR. JONES staring me in the kisser or his old lady standing there with her bush in the breeze.

Then the men may have the problem of dropping something hot in their lap. Instead of having a  a good pair of stained pants, they wind-up with a singed pecker.

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The ladies have to worry about not only being gawked at, everyone checking out their cup size. Worst yet,  they have to be careful they don’t splash their hooters while they are twirling their linguini.  They should learn how to use the spoon, it generates less over spray.

The bright side of it all; stains are easier to get off the skin than they are clothing. There is always a plus if we look HARD enough. For me, the way I see it, there would be too many distractions for me to patronize a nude eatery.


So tell me Frederich; how are the wife and kids? Doing anything different lately?  How do you like my hat. I figured I would wear it, there is a little draft in here and my head gets cold, 

Let’s face it, there are always weird birds in this world that will come up with anything different or extreme to make a buck. There is never a shortage of the foolish flock of followers getting in their lines.  If this is the worst issue facing mankind, I guess that is a BIG plus.

BUT for all of the die hard nude eaters, there is always a solution. The ladies can carry a bib around with them to cover their boobs and the gents can put a napkin on their lap to protect their manhood.


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