Sad but very true, this is just …..

Texas church shooting leaves 26 dead, including 8 members of one family

A very sad fact of life are the copy-cats. They are either criminal or the insane. Unfortunately for mankind, both elements are extremely dangerous and almost impossible to combat.

In our FREE society, it is not permissible to lock someone up if they have not committed a crime. That is a good thing BUT also has its drawbacks.

In this very disturbing situation in Texas, if authorities knew this nut case had intentions of wiping out an entire congregation, the only thing they could do was surveil the man until he attempted to commit the crime. Based on all of the twisted people out there, criminal or other-wise, that is an impossibility.

What is the answer? I found out a lot later in my life that there is not an answer to everything.  There are so many variables to deal with it is impossible to cover them all.

Sad to say, situations like the mass murder in Texas just ignite a fire in mentally ill people as well as the criminal element.

It would not surprise me if this killer got all worked up by the Las Vegas massacre.  Worse than that, this is just the catalyst for many more fools to come out of the wood work.

With all of the communications outlets we have today, word like this travels like wildfire. It does not take long before we have 100’s of other sitting at the wheel sharpening their daggers.


Our only salvation under any circumstances is vigilance. The more we are aware of our surroundings, no matter where we are or what we are doing,  the better chance we have of surviving.

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