Brazile as DNC chair considered replacing Clinton with Biden after she fainted: report:

The die-hards can’t let go of their loss. They continue to keep IFFFFFING.

My cousins in WVA have a saying; if the rabbit didn’t stopped to take a shit the dog would not have caught him. If If If !!

Joking Joe Biden in the Casa Bianca; you gotta be joking.  He probably would have whoopie cushions installed in all of the chambers chairs.

All of the female secret service agents better find a good hiding place. Joe, the exhibitionist , a propensity of swimming nude in front of them.



One thing for sure; he isn’t talking about the fish he caught last week.

He also thinks he is quite the ladies man. I am very surprised no one has come up with harassment accusation leveled at the Don Juan. TOO much clout.

images                   9

Cardinal rule: If that is one thing the old man told me never to do; put your hands on another man’s wife, unless you want to go to knuckle junction.

The guy is a hog.

Put it to sleep demo-dudes and dudeses. Cut out all of the IFFFFFFFF’s and start trying to figure out how you are going to screw up in 2020. Let us see if you can top 2016.

How old will Bernie be then??? Everyone is putting the blame on everything and everyone else. IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Bernie didn’t run, this very day, BB and WB would be sitting in the LOVE SEAT, swapping spits,  in the Oval Office.


Count you blessings FOLKS.

I certainly hope that PDT gets his act together and becomes more of a diplomat. It would make a good combination if he could intermingle the two sides; his sometimes crude way of operating and using a little tact.

I always said; I may feel sorry for young dummies that keep making the same mistakes, but old dummies; well ………


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