Liberal lamebrains

Students at liberal Reed College stage occupation over ‘whitewashed’ curriculum

This is what Reed College costs, either to some rich fools who send their brats there to become bigger brats, or the government (meaning the taxpayers) that subsidizes these adolescent fools.

Tuition & Fees

2017-18 Cost of Attendance
$53,900 tuition (direct cost)
$300 fees (direct cost)
$13,670 on-campus room and board (direct cost)
$1,050 books and supplies (indirect cost)
$900 personal expenses (indirect cost)
$200–$2,000 transportation (indirect cost)

An anti-racism student group at one of America’s most liberal colleges entered the 12th day of an administrative building occupation Friday.

The group at Reed College in Portland, Ore., called for the school to cut ties to Wells Fargo Bank over its relationship with privately run prisons and stop teaching what it called a “whitewashed” curriculum that is too focused on the ideas and accomplishments of white Europeans and their descendants.


According to these spoiled brats; they believe that the white European people and their descendants get/got too much credit for the exceptional/positive ways the USA evolved when they brought to this country and practiced their old school values, that at one time made the country great. Those days are long gone.

To further their ignorance, they want all of the history book changed or destroyed by erasing the actual events as they happened.

These fools have to be distant cousins of the other fools that want the Confederate flags remove, statues, paintings and all records of that time in history like it never existed.

I can’t help but wonder IFFFFF there are any Jews or BLACK FOLKS among the idiots. Are they in favor of erasing the history of the holocaust or of slavery as if they never existed?? Hell no; what would they have to bitch about if that history didn’t exist?

ALL of the fools who are playing that same violin seem to forget that history serves many purposes. One of them being; for us to recognize our mistakes and hopefully do not do a curtain call.

Unfortunately, these pampered brats are the future leaders of our country. Heaven help us.  We can give them a little slack because Johnny and Janey are STILL TRYING TO FIND THEMSELVES. That saying always amused me. When I was 16 years old and didn’t want to get an education, I FOUND MYSELF on the working end of a 90 air hammer for 12 hours a day. That is how I found my self. 

One of the major problems with these demonstrating demons; they have had it too easy their entire lives. They would not recognize hardships or stress if they hit them between the eyes. I am sure that Redd College will, in someway, accommodate the brats.

Our X-president came from the same culture. He is probably one of its founders.  We wonder why this country is so screwed up. The answer is, 8 years of this kind of manipulation and subliminal brainwashing.

These fools are great examples of what PC represents. Political correctness is literally ripping this country apart. Obama and his henchmen  played a very significant part in this movement.

One example, based on what we know today and have known for years, Obama and his crew refused to identify ISIS (or ISIL as he called it) as terrorists. This poor excuse for a president did not want to insult the people that are trying to annihilate  us.  GO FIGURE. As a matter of fact, he funded their operation to the tune of 151 billion dollars. The very same operation that Iran is now implementing, planning to destroy America.

In all of his useless rhetoric, I have never heard Obama justify his pathetic actions in the Iran deal. Why? Because he can’t.

Remember my post the other day; the Manchurian Candidate.

It should be called the Obama Fund

FOLKS; all of these fools and Boulder Rollers are attached by the same umbilical cord. They will tear down the USA one brick at a time if they are not stopped.  Let me stress; they have a very good head-start.

Will the mentality or goals of the PC-ers ever change? In my opinion, their movement will only get stronger, because the SILENT MAJORITY  are a bunch of WEAK SISTERS.  The USA as we once knew it is heading down a very slippery slope and picking up speed every day.

Instead of the fools supporting PDT in his fight against terrorism at all levels, they continually are putting up road blocks where-ever they can. I call that cutting off ones nose to spit their face.

download (10).jpg

The man is trying to protect them and they are refusing his help. WHY; there is only one answer; because BB got her ass kicked in the election, plain and simple.

IFFFFFFFFFFF, she was in office today and doing the same things PDT is attempting to do, she would be their heroine of the century.

The students at Reed and other schools of LOWER-LEARNING are bad, but the colleges are worse for aiding in their juvenile delinquency.  Why, they suffer from the same afflictions, IGNORANCE and ANTI-AMERICANISMS.

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