Absolute and total injustice

Bergdahl dishonorably discharged, no jail time after emotional trial

Let put this in perspective. This low-life deserter/traitor/scumbag piece of garbage, deserted his post in a combat situation, sought out the enemy because his was a sympathizer: as a result of his cowardliness, 6 good men were killed looking for this worm.

To put the icing on the cake, in ALL OF HIS WISDOM, Obama traded 5 dangerous terrorists for his return.  Bird-dog didn’t even get any jail time, let alone the death penalty.  What was judge in his trail thinking? Obviously, not much.

It would not surprise me at all, if after their release, the 6 terrorists Obama let go continued their killing ways and have been responsible for many deaths since then.

Big %#$*&@ deal; as part of the sentence, Bird-dog will forfeit his pay of $1000 per month for ten months. WOW, that is really punishing him. Is that going to be before or after he writes a book or makes a movie?

This off the wall decision by Obama ranks right up there with some of the worst he made while in office.  Now to add insult to injury, this bum doesn’t get the just penalty.

I can’t even imagine how the families of the men killed that were looking for Bird-dog feel.  No justice at all.

Some poor slob that spits on the sidewalk in Singapore gets more of a punishment than Bird-dog.

It would not surprise me if Bird-dog defected again. After all he said that the terrorists were a lot better people than the Americans.

Bowe Bergdahl says Taliban treated him better than U.S. Army


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