Talk about a pampered society

Neiman Marcus will ship you a full Thanksgiving dinner

Not everyone has time to make a Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. If you’re playing host this Turkey Day but have neither the time nor the ability to cook a homemade meal, don’t worry! Luxury department store Neiman Marcus can ship you a fully cooked turkey dinner, and it’ll only cost you a cool $527 to feed eight people.

Society has become so complacent, lazy and extravagant they think nothing of blowing $527.00 on a Turkey dinner.  My 1st house payment was only $250.00 a month.

$527.00 for a turkey dinner?  Last year I bought the most beautiful turkey at one of our local chains for .55 cents a pound. If I can buy a turkey for .55 cents a pound, what did  the chains pay it for; .10 cents pound or less?

$527.00 divided by 8 = $66.00 per person. That is a lot of stuffing.

This ripping off of the public is nothing new. I don’t know how many people have noticed. Little at a time,  the prices are sky-rocketing in ALL restaurants, while their portions are getting smaller.  What they advertise on the tube is probably half of what they serve you.

This practice is business of screwing the public is a science. I knew a guy that owned a big Italian import  business. Al told me; Captain; I raise the price per can not .20 cents at a time but .02 at a time and they never notice.  They do their thing so subtly that no one notices. Before long, we are paying double what we paid a year ago.

Worst of all, the traditions that once made this country strong and developed a cohesiveness in the families have been flushed down the toilet, just like the old man does 10 minutes after he polishes off the last drum-stick.

Gone are the great aromas the houses had when they grand-kids came to visit on the holidays.  Gone is the togetherness and family bonding family’s used to have by getting together at the house, even a few fights, playing cards or watching the game; TWBK (that was before kneelers).

In these so called  modern days, mostly because the people have too much $oldi and are extremely lazy, they either call Macy’s or meet at the restaurants and BLOW $527.00 on a dinner for 8.  That does not include the tip of 20% = $623.00.

One of the reasons many families have split apart is because, the old tradition of families sitting down at the dinner table, eating together and talking about the days activities is long gone. Verbal communication is a dead issue. Many of the kids today find it very hard to carry a normal conversation because of texting. Talk about examples; we have a president that sleeps with his Tweeter.

30% or more of the women don’t want to cook or claim they can’t cook.  The best thing some of the Pampered Princesses  ever made for dinner are reservations.

What are they teaching their kids. In a few generations the non-cookers  will be up to 70%. So what do they do; they either call Macy’s or meet at the restaurants and BLOW $527.00 on a dinner for 8.

I may have a few old fashion hang ups, but, old fashion ways are what made this country great. Kids learn by examples. I can say unequivocal, many of the kids are NOT being brought up the right way with our modern-day-throw-away-society.  The proof is in the pudding or is it the dressing?

For all of the lazy people out there that have to much $oldi and order out, this is how bad you are getting screwed.

How much is the average Thanksgiving dinner?
The cost of making Thanksgiving dinner will be a little cheaper in 2016. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) annual informal price survey, the average meal for 10 people will be $49.87— a 24-cent drop from last year’s average of $50.11.Nov 18, 2016
If my calculator is working properly, that is $427.00 less than if you had Macy’s deliver. Just think what some of you could do with $427.00.  To some, that is a drop in the roaster, to others that is a lot of $oldi.
Let us be generous and add on another $100.00 to include the side dishes, all of their labor and delivery expenses. They are still making $482.00 dollar profit.  Not bad!
My problem is; I have seen all sides of the spectrum and know which methods have more social and educational value. It sure as hell is not the PC or ultra-modern way of raising a family.
A little extreme? Maybe. True? Yes.

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