Those who laugh loudest ……..

Turley on Russia: ‘Allegations Against Clintons Could Potentially Be Criminal’

This is what I call smart but dirty politics. BB and her crew have been around the block so many times they know all the tricks. EXCEPT one; how to win an election.

With all of the dirt digging BB and her hatch-man party have been doing ever since PDT put his hand on the bible; it may have all been their strategy all along to distract the attention away from their under-handed dealing with the Ruskies. Brilliant but devious.

There are so many old cliche that come to mind when describing the Clinton’s but I may get arrested for putting them in ink. OK just one; what the hell – they are slicker than cat shit and twice as slippery.

Let’s hope the Boulder Rollers get what is coming to them. Pay-back can be a bitch.


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