Listen to the peanut vendor

Jimmy Carter lets loose: Knocks Obama and Hillary, says Russia didn’t alter election, praises Trump


Little by little, common-sense and the reality of politics is seeping into the heads of some of the most high profile people. I can classify it as; THE LIGHT FINALLY CAME ON?

Jimmy Carter lays the blame on Obama and BB (Bill’s Bride) for her losing the  election. I hate to inform the old boy; to the people that don’t have their heads where the sun doesn’t shine, that should have been a forgone conclusion. WHO, with any G-2 (intelligence) at all would want a person sitting in the Big Chair that VOWED to carry on Obama’s legacy?? No one that I know of.

Jimmy was probably one of the most ineffective presidents the USA ever had but he is a fair minded, honest, good old boy that had and still has good intentions for this country.

Thumbs up for Jimmy.


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