The high price of nookey

I always like to put things into prospective.

I saw on the tube, the fired Fox anchor, Wild Bill O’Reilly paid out 32 mmmmmillion dollar$ in hush money to keep Lis Wiehl quiet after he forced her into a non-consensual sexual relationship and sent her sexually explicit material.


That is some serious $oldi to pay out; especially when Billy still claims he was clean as the Board of Health.

IF O’Reilly was SMART; instead of cross the line with the ladies he worked with, he could have bought 64,000 pieces of trim @ $500.00 a pop with 32 million and would not have disrespected/damaged the ladies he worked with, himself and the company he worked for. SMART is the key word.

There is a misconception out there where some people think all super intelligent or wealthy are smart. Lately; I have seen many wealthy, high-profile, supposedly intelligent fools that don’t know when to come out of the rain or keep their mouths shut. All that glitters is not gold.

I think what turned a lot of people off of O’Rilley through the years was his increasing arrogance and his smugness.

According to hearsay; knowing Bill’s situation, Fox re-upped his contract for 4 more years at 25 million a pop. When we have the LEAD PIG (Roger Ailes) heading the parade, they are going to do anything to keep their and their cronies indiscretions under wraps. You scratch my back and I will cover for you.


That 25 million would more than covered the cost of Bill’s hush money he paid off. It would not surprise me if Fox didn’t kick in a few dollar$ to help out the struggling news caster.

32 million WOWWWW – Lis must have had some extremely serious goods on Billy Boy that would have taken him down sooner.

I said this many times. Even if a person is a street walker/lady of the night/a fisher-women (hooker)/ or a prostitute, if they say no, it means no.

There can not be too many other situations in a women’s life where she feels as helpless as when some jack off power-broker is forcing himself on her. Either she gives in and is marked for life (once they say yes, there is no going back), refuses and is ostracized in the industry or talked about like a bitch (female dog).

I admire the ladies that have the courage to come forward putting the hammer to these pigs. It is about time the court systems and society in general recognizes their plight and supports them instead of labeling them as liars and harlots.

For that I blame all of the high paid ambulance chasers that would back over their Ma Ma for a nickle and then give her 4 cents change. I find it preposterous that the courts, knowing the attorneys are totally fabricating their defense stories, allows them.

On the reverse side of the coin, what has to be done for the protection of the men that are innocent, is to weed out the hustlers that are looking for a free payday. There is nothing worse then being accused of a a crime if the person is not guilty.

Many of the men in the world still do not want to give the ladies the credit they deserve as human-beings. Take a look at some of the bums we have in this country, then look at the archaic mentality of the Middle eastern countries. Whether some men want to admit it or not, the GOOD women in this world are the backbone of our societies. Where would we be without them??

I can tell you one thing for sure. What we have been witnessing is just the tip of the iceberg. There are 1,000’s more women that have been molested or harassed by some degenerates. These fools, because of the self-importance never stop to think; what if this lady was my wife, daughter or sister.

Men that cross the line are despicable degenerates. To them it is not about the sex act, it is about power and control.

Because of these brave ladies coming forward, hopefully some of the pecker heads out there will get the message and not cross the line.

Any man that takes advantage of a defeendless woman is not a man.

We have to protect the ladies!!

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