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Why Does President Donald Trump Hate the NFL?

This week, the owner of the Jaguars, Shad Khan, who donated $1 million to Donald Trump’s inauguration, said something publicly about the president that many owners and others across football have been saying privately for months.

“Let’s get real,” Khan told Jarrett Bell of USA Today. “The attacks on Muslims, the attacks on minorities, the attacks on Jews. I think the NFLdoesn’t even come close to that on the level of being offensive. Here, it’s about money, or messing with—trying to soil a league or a brand that he’s jealous of.”

This claim—that the president’s jealousy of the league lies at the root of his NFL attacks—is one that’s been repeated to me dozens of times by a bevy of owners, league officials, team officials and others.

Let us look at this objectively. Except for the bug bucks and all the attention the prima-donnas get ; who the hell would be jealous of the NFL owners.  Why would I want to be labeled an anti/non-patriotic America.

If the owners of the NFL teams where loyal Americans and supported their country as they should, I would be the 1st one to acknowledge them and their paroitism. To them it is all about the $$$$.

When this whole thing with Kaperdick started, all of the owners of NFL teams ran into their MASTER bedrooms and crawled under their beds, hoping the nightmare would go away. Well it hasn’t.

Jerry Jones even took a knee with them. As soon as the owners saw it was not going well for them, they had a change of $$$$$. Hypocrisy at its best.


The only time they started coming around is when the financial pinch was put on them. That is all they care about, their prestige and the $oldi they make as team owners.

Parasitism is not part time endeavor. For good Americans, it is a full time responsibility. The only times I see real patriotism peek in this country is when there is a major terrorist attack or something of that nature. That sentiment lasts for about 2 weeks, then everyone goes back to their old selfish ways. Constancy is the name of the game; not just just when it is convenient.

As far as I am concerned; patriotism will never get back to where it was in the 40’s & 50’s.  If there was not such big financial incentives for people to join the military, the barracks at Camp Lejeune and other bases around the world would be 3/4 empty.

Army Bonus and Incentive Overview

Spring 2010 Update: The Army is offering many new incentives for joining in 2010; If you qualify for more than one bonus the Army may combine them to pay a combined bonus, which is not to exceed $40,000.

At the time I joined, there were absolutely no incentives. It was a person duty and an honor to serve our country.  Hell of a difference today. 40 G’s is a big payday.

Conditions will NEVER get back to where they were when it was: Family – God – Country.

download  Ain’t no more!!!! When there are such egregious displays of anti-Americanism so boldly displayed, this country is on the downward slide.  How long will it take to hit bottom, is anyone guess.

As far as PDT wanting to own an NFL team; that may be accurate. BUTTTT; it would have been in different times and the circumstances now would be as they are.

For the owner of the Jaguars, Shad Khan to make an accusation like that, he has a giant set of goolunies but not using them for right purpose.


Image result for shad khan
 Shahid Khan
American-Pakistani business tycoon
Shahid Khan, also known as Shad Khan, is a Pakistani-American billionaire and business tycoon. He is the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League, the English Football League 
BornJuly 18, 1950 (age 67), Lahore, Pakistan
Net worth7.2 billion USD (2017) Forbes
NationalityAmerican, Pakistani
Based on this guys success in the USA, he should be the 1st one in line saluting the flag.
A few months ago, Khan donated 1 million dollars to PDT’s inauguration, now he is throwing his OLD BUDDY under the jealousy bus.
Just another small example of loyalty among friends.  We can basically put loyalty and patriotism in the same category.  Most people only apply it when it meets their needs.

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