Makes no sense at all

Possibly his honor would like to have a few 100 illegals move into his crib for an extended period.

Do the fools that oppose PDT’s stand on immigration understand he is try to keep America safe?  Is it a dirty, rotten, shame what is going on in parts of this world with the persecution of these people? Absolutely yes. BUT, we can not  be the bleeding heart of the world.

No matter what we have done, in all of the countries where we have intervened; there has been absolutely no change at all. As a matter of fact, after the fact, conditions have become worse.

It is a cold hard fact that some circumstances will never change. By the USA and the rest of the world opening their doors to droves of immigrants, they have put their own people in jepordy.  The proof is staring them right in the kisser but they have PC-blinders on. Do they even know what the term self-preservation means??

There have been 100’s if not 1,000’s of incidents where illegals have committed horrendous crimes against the citizens of this and other countries. What do these do-gooders need, to be blasted in the nuts with a 16 pound sledge hammer before they wake up.


I don’t care if it is only one life that is saved by turn back 1,000 people. To me that is worth it. What if it was the son or daughter of the judge that became a victim of an illegal; would that make a difference to him??

Charity begins at home; take care of your own before taking care of someone else!!! That someone else may be out to get you.


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