I want to understand – BUTTTTT

Astronomers strike gold, witness massive cosmic collision

According to astronomers a crash happened 130 million years ago, while dinosaurs still roamed on Earth, but the signal didn’t arrive on Earth until Aug. 17 after traveling 130 million light-years. A light-year is 5.88 trillion miles.

As a result of the crash, according to the experts, the Big Bang released 10 octillion dollars worth of gold that eventually filtered its way into the atmosphere and large amounts trickled down to Mother Earth. Just one octillion looks like this. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00


Those are some serious zeros.

I love to read this kind of information. I read it and want to understand what they are telling us, BUTTT it is too much for the average or even the above average person to comprehend.  The numbers are mind boggling.  Can the scientists really substantiate their claims or is it just a lot of speculation?

I know that astronomy is not meteorology but there use similar methods in their predictions or accounts of events. Most of the weather men I have seen on the Telle can’t give an accurate forecast from one day to the next, if their life depended on it. The most accurate is the guy in Arizona. It is the same forecast everyday of the year.

BUTTT, these astronomers are going to tell us, there was a humongous collision in outer-space 130 million years ago and it is just now visible to us on August 17 2017.  How do they even come up with these calculations?? How can they see so far into space??

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The bling in your ring is a product of the most violent kind of explosion in the universe – 2 neutron stars collide: https://go.nasa.gov/2ymHQla 

The crash must have been orchestrated by members of the USA’s congress. That is usually how long it takes for them to get anything accomplished, maybe.

There are many mysteries/theories revolving around outer space. One of the best I like: according to scientists, there were stars out there that we see shining now, they are so far away, they burned out 1,000’s of years ago but because of their distance from earth, we can still see the their light shinning.  I listen to it, I hear what they are saying but logically or scientifically, any layman has hard time to wrap their head around.

If they scientists are correct in their assertions, I wonder if they can tell us where the rest of the gold is??

Can the super-brainyacks can tell me what kind of winter we are going to have in 2017? I want to make sure the BEAST ready for action.




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