Dollar$ before dignity

Clinton Foundation to keep Harvey Weinstein’s $250,000 donation

It didn’t take long for the Clinton Team to  have a change of hearts$ about returning the Wineburger donation.

Last week when the heat was on and all of Wineburgers old cronies were abandoning ship and separating themselves from the pervert; BB and company had a very brief moment of weakness when she said she would give Wineburger’s campaign contribution back.  That was yesterday, this is today. Because of their stellar past, they wanted to disassociate themselves with him. 

Now that the dust has settled, BB had a change of heart and decided to keep the $$$$. I wonder what the boulder Roller think of that about-face?

The Clinton Foundation will not return as much as $250,000 in donations from disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein following the accusations of sexual harassment and rape.

The foundation said Sunday that donations, ranging from $100,000 to $250,000, have already been spent on projects, The Daily Mail reported.

After all; it would take Slick Willie all of one afternoon to make that kind of scratch with one of his speaking engagement$. I still can get over why anyone would pay to hear this guy speak??

I may be missing something. I did not know that when a donation is given to a campaign, the money is assigned to individual projects. I FOOLISHLY thought it was thrown into the big pot and used as need, wherever.

This is just a very minute example showing the honesty and integrity the Clintons’. What do we see when we look into a circle; NOTHING!!


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