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Trump too tough on Iran, North Korea, Clinton says

Trump too tough on Iran, North Korea, Clinton says

I said it yesterday; every-time BB opens her mouth, she sounds more ridiculous.

Just like the bully in a neighborhood. The longer the bully is ignored, not challenged hoping they go away, the bigger and more powerful they become until they are completely out of control.

This is exactly what the Obama administration did; he ignored the bullies. They got bigger and much stronger during his 8 years in office.  As a reward to the bullies for their bad behavior, Mr. O in all of his wisdom, even donated an enormous amount of dollar$ to one of the bullies causes.  While they were threatening to wipe the USA of the map, he GAVE Iran the bully 151 billion dollar$ so they could become even bigger and more powerful  bullies. Where was the common-sense and logic?? There was none.

In all reality, Mr. O paid Iran assisting them into wiping the USA off the map. On one the most egregious moves ever in world-wide political history. I don’t care what political persuasion anyone is. If they look at this one particular move objectively and admit the truth, they must agree is was absolutely insane.

There have been a lot of boulders rolled at PDT by Mr. O and Mrs. C as of late. Especially those two characters should never criticize anyone in politics. Anyone with their track records should be wise enough to keep their jaws wired shut.

PDT has a lot of Boulder Rollers that are constantly taking pop-shots at him, trying to bring him down.  I find it frightening to think how different things would be if BB was sitting on the Love Seat with Wild Bill as her coach. Don’t forget, she was absolutely going to carry on Obama’s legacy.  Heaven help us.

Obama and his poor decision making (whatever his logic was, if any) is the reason the bullies have become bigger and stronger and are a much greater threat the world than 8 years ago.

This is a very sensitive subject for most people and they rather not talk about it.  What were Obama’s motivations for many of the decisions he made?? They could not have been for the benefit of this country. Even the least educated person on the planet would be-able to see, it would not in our best interest to fund/support/pay someone who vowed that someday they will destroy us. Mr. O DEFINITELY had a long range plan for the foolish/off the wall/ nonsensical decisions he made.

I did a post on 07-07-14 using an analogy and comparison to the movie the Manchurian Candidate:

America the movie – a must see

If you have not seen the movie, get it on Demand. I think you will see many comparisons  as I did. The possibilities of the movie then were frightening and even more frightening now.
We have not even see the tip of the beasts heads that is going to rise out of the ashes and attempt to inflict their will on the USA and the rest of the world.  Now they have their arch-enemy funding their efforts.
Anyone that takes North Korea and Iran lightly as BB and her followers do, they are living in a different world than I am.
When the house of cards comes crashing down, Obama and company will be nowhere in site to take the rap.
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