Shudda waiting a little longer

Female teacher, 35, found guilty of turning classroom into sex den with teen boys

A California teacher found guilty of turning her classroom into a private sex den during school hours is now facing six years in prison over the explicit encounters she had with students.

Danielle Matko, a 35-year-old former English teacher at the East Palo Alto Aspire Phoenix Academy, was convicted Tuesday of one count of oral copulation with a minor and three counts of lewd acts with a minor. All of the incidents are believed to have taken place in late 2015 and involved a 15-year-old boy, the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office said.


Danielle should have waited a little longer. Jerry Brown, the governess of Calif. has been going wacko in the state that is destine to fall off of the continent, changing the laws to fit his needs; such as, it is no longer a felony crime for someone with HIV  to deliberately have sex and pass it on to another person.  Benevolent Brown changed that law last week. If Danielle would have waited a little longer; possibly Jerry would change the law that it is not illegal to have sex with minors.  Never say never when it comes to Calif.

With radical liberals like Brown, we never know what the hell they are going to come up with next.  I heard thru the grapevine; Calif. is considering, one killing their mother will only be a misdemeanor.  May be just a rumor.

These very foolish/horny/oversexed teachers that keep crossing the line with younger kids are as ignorant as the rouge cops that continue to abuse the public. Not only are their deeds out of line,  don’t they know it is 2017, the electronic age, with video and camera phones and social media where it is virtually impossible to get away with anything, BUT they continue to let their urges and bad habits control them and keep them running  down the wrong road.

Speaking of stupid; who ever said that a 2 Star General was supposed to stand for impeccable, beyond reproach behavior?

Maj. Gen. Joseph Harrington a 30-year career of U.S. Army Africa’s commander was in jeopardy Friday after he was suspended from command in the wake of flirtatious messages he is suspected of sending to another man’s wife.

Maj. Gen. Joseph Harrington is suspected of sending private Facebook messages such as “U can be my nurse” and “How often does your devil vixen come out?” to the woman, an enlisted man’s wife, from March through June.


Looks like a happy guy to me but that was yesterday.

The lady gave the messages sent by horny Harrington to The Stars and Stripes magazine ; hence putting the 2 stars pecker in the mouse trap. What a foolish way to blow a career.

The best advice I can give these horny toads and toadesss is; carry an ice bag around with them. When the urge ARISES, place the bag on the hot spot until it cools off.  You will thank me in the morning.

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