You lie and I will swear to it; Wineburger’s board of liars

Weinstein Board Says It Didn’t Know Of Sexual Misconduct Allegations. Experts Don’t Buy It.
Four Weinstein Co. board members say they had no idea former CEO Harvey Weinstein had settled sexual harassment suits.

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They are as bad as Hillary, who lived with Wild Willie for so many years, trying to claim she didn’t know anything about his indiscretions. bull

What bothers me the most about fools like Wineburger’s board; they think people are ignorant enough to believe their bull-shit.  Gotta come up with a more believable lie than that folks.

Tar and feather this degenerate creep, get him out of town and put him in the slams for a few years. Possibly then, he will be forced to change his sexual proclivities.

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He has been a predator for many years, getting away with it by making pay-offs and having his CLOSE circle of friends covering up for him. They are all as bad as the people that conceal the truth about other high powered, influential people for the sake of the dollar$.

If you will notice; many of his cover-uppers are leaders in the PC game and the same Boulder Rolling that are anti-everything. BUT; when the chips are down and the $oldi quits coming in; they are like rats that abandon ship.


Wineburger who???




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