They won’t stop till they ruin this country

When in the name of Common Sense and old school values, are these pathetic PC- ever going to stop with their destructive movement?

In a few short years the PC community has literally torn apart just about everything that made this country great. They are on a mission of total Destruction for old school values.

I saw on the news tonight where later this year or early next year the Boy Scouts of America are going to allow girls to join their ranks. If this is not the epitome of ignorance and stupidity I don’t know what is.

Because of the PC movement, our country had become so soft and self-indulgent it has turned into a pathetic example of what it used to be.

There has to be a certain element out there that is bound and determined to bring this United States down by inflicting all of its absolute ridiculous ideologies and the silent majority is allowing it.

There doesn’t seem to be an area that is off limits to these ignoramuses.

If there was not a Girl Scouts of America I may stretch my imagination and understand why there are girls that want to join the Boy Scouts of America. Being that is not the circumstances, I find it totally ridiculous and unfounded that this decision has been made.

Without a doubt, the worm is going to turn and there are going to be some very dainty young men that will want to join the Girl Scouts. I wonder if they will have separate sanitation facilities for them.

The silent majority better awaken from their deep slumber before there is nothing left.

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