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‘Patriot’ Tennessee business owner says NFL will lose more ads

Talk us very cheap. It is so easy for someone to say they are a patriot and another thing to demonstrate it.

It is time the businesses that sponsor the NFL put their money where their mouth should be and pull the purse strings on supporting these disrespectful wanna-be/half-assed Americans.

I am going to run a JFK by you. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country.

64,000 dollar question. What has the NFL or any other sporting organization done for you lately.  The answer to that is;

Fans of each of these teams would expect to pay between $570-612 to take a family of 4 to a game. A quick cruise through Amazon could find you a decently sized and speced television for around $500 and a large pizza with a 2 liter coke could be delivered to your door for around $20. The fact that it has never been more expensive to attend a game, coupled with the expanding comforts of seeing a game at home, have led to a general decline in attendance to sports events since hitting highs in the late 2000’s. This trend indicates that to many, the costs of attending sports live is no longer worth the experience.

Pop corn is extra.

These figures are from 2015. I would add on another 15 – 25% for today’s tally.  How does it feel when you go to a game without a jar of Vasoline?

Americans spend $56 billion on sporting events a year

Who do the players and owners have to thank for what they have; naturally the USA because of all of it’s freedoms afforded to them. BUT they see it as a one-way-street.  All take and NO give.

Let us start taking away all of the big money and perks from the kneelers and the NFL owners and let us see just how fast they would throw their Ma Ma under a bus to get back in the public’s good graces.

One of my credos in life has always been; take care of who is taking care of you. When is the last time ANY sporting  organization took care of you, showed you a little respect or demonstrated their gratitude for your patronage?

Instead of watching the game today, get out the Rolling Rock and Windsor, put on Full Metal Jacket for your afternoon entertainment. It may not mean much to anyone else but it may give you a little self-satisfaction to know you are a patriotic American.


Possibly; if these kneeling fools and there supporters would have gone through Marine Corps boot camp, they may have a little different perspective on patriotism.


Semper Fi

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