Attorney Lisa Bloom Planned To Discredit Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers:

Lisa Bloom, a high-profile attorney and former adviser to Harvey Weinstein, had plans to discredit the women who accused the Hollywood mogul of sexual harassment, according to The New York Times.

She had a change of heart and decided to sever her connections with the Harvey the Hog. Good for her.

Heh+you+figured+it+out+my+hats+off+to+you+_e7638c8aac758f45e5f60eb77b264195     Hats off to Lisa!!

False accusations and shifting the blame are  the primary reasons so many women are reluctant to report crimes of sex. They become the villains instead of the victims.  Especially in cases where the cases involve wealthy people that can buy the biggest and sleaziest ambulance in town.  Most of them get away with it everyday.

It is a shame that the courts allow this type of behavior when they know all to well and good that the crimes against the women did take place.

If and when the cases go to trial, the victims are raped and molested all over again and the courts allow it.  Many of them do not want to relive the crimes and who can blame them.

Even if the victim is a hooker; if she says no, it is no.

People like Weinstein have been skating for years, not because they are innocent of the crimes but because they are wealthy.

I am thrilled to see Lisa Bloom is stepping up to the plate and separating herself from Harvey the Hog.

There should be more justice for the ladies.

On the other side of the coin, there have been droves of conniving ladies that are looking for a quick payday and falsely accuse some men of sex crimes.  It can become a very sensitive issue to weed out the who is lying and who is not.  In those cases, there should be a severe penalty for the people making false accusations.  The stigma is always there.

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