PC insanity is overwhelming

Statue of ‘America’s First Composer’ could come down over racism claims

What was considered works of art at one time; are now viewed as racial expressions and exhibitions of racism by the PC fools in this country.

A statue of Stephen Foster, dubbed “American’s First Composer,” could be removed over racist claims.


The statue features the songwriter as he sits on a perch while a barefoot slave plays the banjo below him.

AND???? That is the way it was back then. Why doesn’t the MOVEMENT start destroying all of the history books while they are at it or it that next on their execution list?

Do they really think by removing statues, pictures, the Confederate Flag and other displays all over the country, it will change history? This is what idiots the PC-ers are. The  fools on the other side of the fence, once called the SILENT MAJORITY are taking it laying down, like an old worn out door mat.


Inch by inch – foot by foot – yard by yard- mile by mile, our once great country has turned into a bunch of capitulating, spineless cowards that are bending over and letting the PC clowns letting them ram it to them.  They have no one to blame but themselves for the regression this country has experienced.

I am surprised that they have not attacked  Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben yet. Possibly I just gave them some new issue to focus on.

th.jpg              th

How about Black wall on cars; are we supposed to paint them red? Then we might piss off the Indians?  How about a black eye; what should we call it?  How about Black Friday; do we move it to pink Thursday?  How about a black hole in outer space; what do we call it?  Do you fools see just how absolutely asinine you all sound and look. Grow up. Put your pathetic efforts into making the country better instead of dragging it down.

Now there are many cities in the USA that are trying to cancel and some have, Columbus Day.


If it were not for the Italian explorer Columbus, the entire world would still think the earth is flat.That may be a good thing; possibly many of the PC sheep would jump off.


What about that half-wit, wanna-be Dago, Mayor of The Big Apple whose given name is Warren Wilhelm; Bill de Blasio is one of the leaders in the parade of fools.


Image result for bill de blasio real name
Bill de Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm Jr. on May 8, 1961, in New York City. His father, a World War II veteran who struggled with alcoholism, left the family when Bill was 7 years old. Bill was raised by his mother in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and consequently, took his mother’s maiden name, de Blasio, in 2002.Apr 2, 2014


Give it a rest fools!! I don’t care how adamantly you deny you are a fool, it will not change a thing. Just like history can not be denied, neither can you take off that fools jacket you have been wearing.

List of other fool cities:



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