Michelle; tell us how you really feel

Michelle Obama: People ‘Don’t Trust Politics’ Because Republican Party Is ‘All Men, All White’

It should be no secret to anyone that doesn’t have their head where the sun doesn’t shine the Obamas’ have not been big fans of the whites from day one. For eight years Mr. O tried to keep a lid on his feelings, not wear his heart on his sleeve. Sometime he was convincing and other times not.

Mrs. O is another story. She had no compulsions, just like Eric Holder, displaying they true disdain for the white FOLKS.



As far as I am concerned; that is a good thing to tell it like it is, BUT only if the person is not a very public figure in a very visible position. People that are elected/appointed/closely associated to highly government jobs are SUPPOSED to have or at least display a neutral position when it comes to race and other sensitive issues.

That was not the case with Holder or Mrs. O.. Are they correct in how they feel? I would say yes in many circumstances. BUT AGAIN; they were in repair and restore positions where their job is to make conditions better than before they were anointed. That did  not happen. We can actually see the results of stirring the hate pot; it doesn’t work.

Especially in Obama’s position, he was supposed to be The Great Black Hope and save his people. The fact of the matter is, because of how he approached or did not approach the racial issues, the climate between the races was far worse after 8 years of lip service than before he took office.  With spokesman like Holder and Mrs. O, it is not a big surprise that was the way the cookie crumbled.

I can say one thing for absolute. Hostility and stoking the fires has NEVER resolved any problems, racial, political or otherwise.  In my opinion, the Obama administration and all of their cronies , IF ( and I have my reservations) they wanted harmony, they went about it the wrong way.  Never indicate to someone that you hate them if it is your mission to bring about harmony.

Coming right out of the box, Holder put his true feelings right on the line calling the American people cowards.

That is OK if a person is running a local gym, BUT not acceptable if the person is the AG of the USA.  I wonder where he got his degree in; how to win friends and influence people??

Now that Mrs. O is not sitting in the Big Love Seat, she can really let her hair down. That was demonstrated in her comments.

Let me put things in perspective. I am not a hypocrite and contend that the blacks were not used and abused through the years. History tells us something what many do not want to admit; their own people were heavy into the slave business. It is not totally the honkies fault on how history evolved.

Many other races and nationalities that came to the USA were also used and abused; the Italian, Polish, Germans, Jews and many others. Possibly not as severe as the blacks were but still mistreated. It is up to each and every race and nationality to make their own way in our society by earning respect; it is not a given.  They all had to pay their dues by working hard, being responsible citizens, respecting others and the law and keeping their noses clean.

Poverty and all that is connected with it has a lot to do with the crime rate; as well as government programs that make it possible for many people of all races to live a non-productive existences. The government created and been maintaining a bunch of zombies. Why work for a living when a person can make more sitting on their ass, as generations before them have, getting  government subsidies

The fact of the matter is; there are many facets connected to why racial situations exist as they do in this country.   The answer to these problems are not resolved with violence or civil disorder.

If  the crime rate in the black communities was equal to others races; I would be the first one on the picket line helping them demonstrate.  That is not the way it is.  The ONLY answer to overcoming this dilemma is CHANGING  business as usual.  Don’t keep tells us how bad you have it when there is a gun sticking in my face.

The leaders in all communities have a very significant impact on their people. If people are constantly told they are being abused BUT NEVER told the true root of the problem, the situations will never change.

I do understand that law enforcement and the government have a very big role in  reformation. They must do whatever it takes to make it right. Making it right is not rewarding bad behavior.  They must change some of the patterns that has put this country into these dark places. Talk is cheap; actions speak louder than words.

I say to ALL black leaders as well as other races; start by setting a good example, begin preaching reform instead of hate; put as much effort into setting the playing fields right as you do stirring the pot. Then and only then will there be changes, but as bad as conditions are today, it will take decades to turn it around.  It would be nice to see, but I don’t see it happening.

Will any of this ever go away? I don’t think so. There are too many people out there that do not ant change. They are profiting very heavily on keep the shit pot stirred up.  These parasites are about as low as anyone can get.

Do I like everyone? Hell no. Does everyone like me? Hell no.  I dislike most of the people I meet, BUT, I respect everyone until they give me a reason not to.  Everyone does not have to  like all of mankind, just learn to RESPECT one another.

We can’t change yesterday but we can set new guideline for tomorrow.

I ask the fools OF ALL RACES that are stirring the pot. Do you want your future generations to come up the same way you did? If not; CHANGE; if you don’t give a shit, keep doing the same old thing BUT shut up and quit complaining.

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    Marty, did u recently request to b friends with me on Facebook? I ask that because we r already friends on Facebook. I didn’t answer because I’ m wondering if someone is trying to hack me.

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