Need a new strategy – the old one sucks

Trump on Puerto Rico’s debt: ‘We’re going to have to wipe that out’

Give a man a fish he eats for a day; give him a fishing rod he eats for life.

If in fact PDT  is determined to bail out Puerto Rico and wipe their debt $late clean, that sign of generosity should come with strings attached. Like; if we bale you out, you have to work for it.

Many of the people on the island have become so dependent on being TAKEN CARE OF; they are similar to the welfare recipients on the main land that have lived off of the system for generations and do not want changes.  Many of them would refuse to work if a job was offered to them.

It has been substantiated, that many people are living better off of the system than if they worked.

Take the time to read this article:

It is shocking, a system that was put into place to help the unfortunate and disabled has evolved into the monster it is today. That is all with the help of our government.

Where the hell is it written that a particular group of people on this planet think it is their God given right to sit on their ass and the government/taxpayers fund their entire lives?

In the big scheme of things; I really don’t hold the recipient 100% to task, I blame the system that makes their lifestyles possible.

Is the sports figure that is paid 20 million a years the dummy or the idiot that pays them? Same O same O.

Most governments are in dire straights because of poor leadership, corruption and mis-management of their governments. BUT, just like San Juan’s mayor, they want to blame everyone else in the world for their short-coming, everyone except themselves.

If the USA is going to bale out Puerto Rico; it definitely should come with some strings and conditions attached.

I never thought I would see the day when a very small percentage of hard working, honest, patriotic USA’s citizens have to bust their ass on a daily basis to be caretakers for the parasites that are able to work but refuse to because they have been pamper by their government.

The USA is getting to be or should I say; is, like a very old car that has been left in the woods rotting so long and neglected for so many years, it is beyond repair.

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One of the best ever. I saw this interview a few years back when there was a shortage of public housing in The Big Apple and some of the welfare leaches had to be put up in a hotel. The reporter AXED the lady how she like living in a hotel apposed to public housing. Her response was; to tell you the trooth; the room service is a little slow.



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