HH; always gunning for position

Fox News

Gregg Jarrett: Las Vegas shooting — Uninformed Hillary shamelessly politicizes Nevada tragedy

HH (Horrible Hillary) never misses an opportunity to push her agenda, even at the time of the worst slaughter in American history.

Clinton knew she could not call for a ban of a weapon already banned by law. The fully automatic weapon allegedly used by gunman, Stephen Paddock, was made illegal under federal law back in 1986.

So Clinton invented an ancillary argument that more people would have died if Paddock had used a “silencer.” Survivors were still being treated when she began condemning the National Rifle Association and attacking the law on “silencers.”

If nothing else; HH planted a seed in the next monsters head; by telling the future killer he/she would be more effective if they would have used a silencer. The women is a rocket scientist.

I went to to see a man in the hospital years ago that was getting ready to cash in. The man was racked with pain and was having a very bad to of it. In walks his sister in-law. While this poor man laying there was dying, without even asking him how she was doing, she proceeded to tell him about all of her ailments. It was all about her.

You can’t put lipstick …………. lip stick







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