They knew it upfront

One Photo Stands Out After Trump Says Puerto Rico Wants ‘Everything Done For Them’

When some fools get so desperate and are grabbing at straws, they scrape the bottom of the barrel as hard as they can to see if they can come up with any kind of merda they can.

The entire country knew who, what and where Donald Trump stood before he got elected. He beat the pants off of BB because of her own egotism, mismanagement, her devious personality, proven liar, over confidence and many other negative factors. Still, as of today, 9 months later, the Ship of Fools still can not accept their defeat and BB is crying the blues every chance she gets.

I would estimate that AT LEAST 95% of what the fools are bitching about is connected with the fact that BB got drilled.  BUT, always the BIG BUT; they are too arrogant and hypocritical to admit that the loss is the reason for all of their Boulder Rolling.

Since PDT put his hand on the bible there has been a new revolution started in this country that is disgraceful. The fools that are behind it are just as disgraceful as their cause.

“They want everything to be done for them.”

This is the latest insult they leveled at the man and his family.

That brings up another gigantic issue. Not only are they and have they tried to dissect and disgrace PDT himself, but they also concentrated a lot of their juvenile, unjustified insults at his family.  They have even stooped so low, PDT’s 11 year old son has been their target many times.

There are so many of these fools I lost track of them. Lee is the latest in the long line of them when he called the President of the USA a bum. Then, the Lee-bum, tried to cover his insult up by saying, his remark is just everyday conversation between him and his homies.

All of this anti-Trump activity is only attempting to GET BACK at PDT for winning the election. Anyone that denies that is pathetic liar.

It has been documented and proven, Wild Bill “Under the desk” Clinton said EXACTLY the same things PDT said.

He was given a standing ovation; PDT was booed out of the room. Hypocrisy at its finest.  That is just one of many, many examples of lunacy in this country.

I don’t care if PDT gargled peanut butter, walked across the ocean on his hands, found a cure for cancer, resolved every situation that is currently bringing the USA down; the Boulder Rollers and the Ship of Fools would find fault with whatever he does.  This movement of theirs is not going to end as long as PDT is sitting in the Big Chair.

They do not want peace and harmony in this country. These are people who are like the slobs that thrive on eating 10 pounds of bacon at one sitting. They know it will eventually kill them but they are so weak and ignorant, they can stop.

It would take absolutely nothing for all parties concerned, if they sincerely wanted change, to put their heads together, leave their egos at home, be reasonable, forget who won the election and considerate and act on what is better for the ALL American people.

Is there hostility and discourse on all sides?? Absolutely yes. BUT, always the BIG BUT, I will put it at least a 75% on the Boulder Rollers and 25% on the Trump administration. I am be generous with the Boulder Rollers.

Can anyone start to imagine; if all of the back stabbing and denigrating efforts were put to good use instead of chopping each-other up, what kind of productive progress could be made??

The Boulder Rollers and their flock of lost sheep do not want peace in this country. They are killing it from with-in.

I wonder how many fools are going to watch or attend the NFL games today??  To all of them, take a look in the mirror and tell me what you see.

Anytime $upporting a sporting activity comes before a persons loyalty to their family or country; that tell their whole sad tale.

The don’t know what patriotism is; they are part-time Americans.

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