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Finally some of the footballs honchos are beginning to make some sense and halfway support their country. Now is the time for them to put their money where their footballs are and to rewrite the rule book. I must … Continue reading

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Either you are IN or OUT

It has been a very long time since the USA had a president that is willing to stand up and be recognized as a patriot. In some very clandestine/low-keyed manners, many of the people connected with Obama, including The Man … Continue reading

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Time to pasteurize

McCain comes out against ObamaCare overhaul, dealing blow to GOP’s repeal hopes Sen. John McCain announced his opposition Friday to Republican colleagues’ last-ditch ObamaCare overhaul bill, dealing a major blow to GOP leaders’ push to pass repeal legislation under President … Continue reading

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Hurry; get under the bed!!

TV programs in California interrupted with end-of-world prediction Batten down the hatches folks, call all of your loved ones and say your goodbyes – go out and buy a new car, you won’t have to pay for it –  tell … Continue reading

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An ounce of prevention

I would like to pass on some very important information to all of the Goomba Gazetters. I have been receiving phone calls from a particular bastard (not of the lack of a better word, he is a bastard) and the … Continue reading

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Should’ve have had a gun

Starbucks robbery suspect may sue ‘Good Samaritan’ who subdued him The mother of a man who police said attempted to rob a Starbucks in California, but was thwarted by a Good Samaritan, reportedly said her son plans to sue … Continue reading

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PDT hits a few grand-slams

Very Very presidential. WOW If anyone who listened to PDT’s UN speech can come away with anything but positivism, there has to be some thing drastically wrong with them. If anyone who listened to PDT’s speech can find a … Continue reading

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Alms from Obama

It appears that Mr. O has put some of the $oldi he has been scooping up from speaking engagements to good use. According to his mouth -piece Ken Lewis, Mr. O contributed $2 million to Chicago programs offering job training … Continue reading

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Catching it from all angles

Iran’s Rouhani: US will pay a high cost if Trump scraps nuclear deal Pyongyang (September 12, 2017): North Korea warned the United States on Tuesday that it would have to pay a “due price” if fresh sanctions are imposed … Continue reading

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Mirror mirror on the wall ……

Fox News Sports Tom Brady: I Hope Colin Kaepernick Gets Another Chance in NFL Tom Brady on if Colin Kaepernick can play again in the NFL: Tom Brady had kind words for Colin Kaepernick when asked whether the controversial figure should … Continue reading

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