Bull-shit at its best

LeBron James ‘bum’ tweet led to racist messages, Cavaliers owner says

Quote from Lee–Bron:

“Me and my friends call me that all the time,” James said during a news conference prior to the opening of Cleveland’s training camp. “I’m not his friend, though. He’s not my friend. No, when I woke up and saw what he said about Steph Curry. First of all, it’s so funny because it’s like you inviting me to your party, right? As a matter of fact, it’s not like you invited me.

“It’s almost, like, ‘Hey, I’m not going to be able to make it. I’m not coming,’ and then you would be like, ‘LeBron, guess what? You’re not invited.’ I wasn’t coming anyways, so that was funny to me when I woke up and saw that. So, my first initial response was, you bum.”

Lee is making reference to when he disgraced and lowered himself to the same level as Sammy “If that mother fucker wins the election, I am going back to Africa” Jackson and others; when Lee called PDT a BUM.  Now he is copping a plea saying; “Me and my friends call me that all the time. My response to that is, total bull. Lee is not as bad as Sammy Boy but he is definitely way out of bounds.

When then civilian Donald Trump was caught on tape saying pussy and fuck; he claimed it was locker room talk which I happen to agree with.  Is it the right thing to say? Not in public but it is locker room talk.

Out of 100, if 95% of all grown men, said they have NEVER said those two words, they are liars and the other 4% are bull-shitters.


At that time, Lee did his little bit of grandstanding  by stated he NEVER heard that kind of talk in a locker room. I called him a liar then and one now. He is trying to minimize what he called the President of the USA by saying “Me and my friends call me that all the time“. You know what I have to say to his cop-out; bullagain.

Is he trying to convince the public and his adoring fans that in all of his years played basketball with all of the guys that grew up on the mean streets; he never heard that kind of conversation?? I give that another bull.

If Lee or anyone else has the goolunies to insult PDT, whether in a fit of rage or not using good judgement; they should stand up and admit to what they said and how they meant it.  Don’t ever try to bulla bull-shitter!!

I said this way back when. PDT has a very good memory; at some point-in-time he is going to wipe the slate clean with all of the BOULDER ROLLERS. As they say in the locker room; PAY BACK IS A BITCH!!


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