You gotta be %$#@@*&^ me!!!

LeBron Says Trump Missed An Opportunity To Bring America ‘Closer Together’

My rebuttal to Lee-Bron’s statement is; you gotta be shitting me.

The African-American’s community had THEIR  MAN in the Big Chair for 8 years, their great black hope and he did little to nothing to smooth over race relations. As a matter of fact; when Mr. O got his hat, relations between white and blacks were as bad as they have ever been; some say worse.


Lee-Bron had the nerve to say that PDT missed the opportunity to bring American closer.  What about Obama who was hand-picked and he failed??

If Lee-Bron is so worried about the future of the kids in the USA and setting a good example for them; he sure did a piss poor job when he labeled the President of the USA a BUM.

This dude better not live in a glass house if he is going to be rolling boulders.

This article is from CNN; one of Obama’s staunchest supporters.

Most say race relations worsened under Obama, poll finds

I have to give Lee-Bron credit for a few things. SO FAR he has been a very good role model as far as keeping his nose clean with his public image.  I also understand that he is a very generous person when it comes to charities. BUT, the BIG BUT; by him calling PDT a BUM, how does he think the kids that idolize him are going to respond to that??  What are they going to take away from that?? It is nothing but total disrespect.

It is possible that Lee-Bron got caught up in the PC – Ship of Fools frenzy and shot off his mouth without thinking.  As they say in the military; it is unbecoming to an officer or in his case a role model to the kids of this country.

If America would read between the lines and ignore some of the foolishness of PDT; they will see a man that is totally dedicated to the USA and ALL of its people.  He just has a horrible habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

Who would you want to be in ta foxhole with if your life depended on it. BB or PDT?? I think the answer is very elementary.

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  1. jimallega says:

    Labrone is just another shine to me!

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