Another class act

Marc Anthony to Trump: Shut the f— up about NFL, worry about Puerto Rico

Just another class act. If it wasn’t for PDT shooting down the deal to rekindle relationships with Cuba; Anthony’s relatives across the pond would have come out on the short end of the deal.

Count your blessings BOY!!

Clinton reportedly calls Kushner emails ‘the height of hypocrisy’

The potess calling the kettle black. This is just an example of what got the Clintons’ by for so many years; their big balls, always point the finger at the other guy and a lot of luck.

Gillette Stadium charges fans $4.50 for tap water in cups after bottled water runs out

Its all about the buck$ folks. ALL sports franchises or anyone connected to them are not very sporty on how they conduct business. They are not satisfied with making a decent buck, they want your whole bankroll.


This is what the sports industry that so many fools support thinks of their fans. These numbers were run 4 years ago. I would assume we can ad another 15 – 25% to them.

Fans of each of these teams would expect to pay between $570-612 to take a family of 4 to a game. A quick cruise through Amazon could find you a decently sized and speced television for around $500 and a large pizza with a 2 liter coke could be delivered to your door for around $20. The fact that it has never been more expensive to attend a game, coupled with the expanding comforts of seeing a game at home, have led to a general decline in attendance to sports events since hitting highs in the late 2000’s. This trend indicates that to many, the costs of attending sports live is no longer worth the experience.

What I have tried to live by; life should be a 2 what street; give a little and take a little. Professional sports do not see it like that. It is there choice to pay some athletes outrageous amoun$ of money and then pass that expense on the the dummies that attend and patronize their games.

For the owners of the Gillette Stadium to charge their FANS 4.50 for a cup of tap water absolutely proves my point. It is all about the buck$.

I hope someday professional sports are going to price themselves right out of the game.

Coffee sold in California could carry cancer warning labels

You morning Joe, if grown in La La Land, according to some scientists can possibly cause your demise. Some of the areas the coffee is grown possibly could have been in contaminated soil.

Now a drunk has to worry about what they are drinking to sober up may kill them. We can’t catch a break!!

Tennessee church shooter admits to crime as bizarre Facebook posts surface

Instead of birth control, our government has figured a way to control the exploding population. Keep allowing immigrants into the country.


Hillary blames young women for her 2016 loss

One would think, by this time the Old Girl would have run out of fall-guys. Now she is blaming the young girls for her loss.  Give it up BB; people are sick and tired of mopping up your tears.

North Korea’s ‘gruesome’ murder of Kim’s brother meant to ‘horrify world,’ new report says

One thing for sure; this mad-kid has no favorites. A person does not even want to have dinner with the nut case. If they fart or burp during the meal, it may be their last.


Little did bro know, that would be his last fist bump.

The dirty guy comes clean


Mike Rowe

“In my view, the real controversy here isn’t about patriotism, social justice, racial inequality, or free speech. It’s not even about the flag or the national anthem. It’s really only about one thing – what we will tolerate, and what we won’t,” Rowe wrote on Facebook.

He may be partially right. The STAND UP citizens of this country are tired of being pushed around by the PC-public. BUT, always the BIG BUT; it is their own fault. Once we let a bully kick our ass and do not retaliate in some manner, the party is over. Even if it means we take a beating, stand-up and be heard to gain a little respectability.

The Silent Majority is no longer the majority or at least it doesn’t seem so.  They continually are getting abused by the PC-bullies without retaliating. If they continue to be that passive, I say; give the bullies a baseball bat and let them have at it.

I was at a carp game years back and this crazy man that had a hot hand kept shouting; God hates a coward. He was taunting the guys he was beat up with the bones. BUT he is right; God hates a coward. He made about 40 grand.

Our national anthem, once a source of unity, now rings with discord and dissonance

By Peter Rosenberger, Fox News


Peter; it is not even the anthem that is the root of the problem; it is the absents and lack of patriotism in this country.

I would love to see just how many of the biggest Boulder Rollers (on top of the heap – Lee-Bron and the rest of the fools like him, including Marc Anthony) would volunteer for military service. They all want their cake and eat it too.

When I was growing up a FEW years back, it was an honor to serve our country.  Then the draft dodger element, including one of our future president, and everyone else that was a coward, heading north of the boarder to get out of serving.  The lack of PATRIOTISM  is at the root of it all.

The way I see it, based on current circumstances, it will NEVER go back to how it used to be. Our country is screwed, blued and tattooed because of the PC-pushers and other left wing elements and will never regain its dignity. What a sad commentary.

Anytime society will allow a fool to publicly tell the President of the USA to go fuck himself and support them for it –  have a phony make up head of him being beheaded – allow such disrespect to what our country stands for, not to the man but to the office; we are on a downhill slope to disaster and only picking up speed.

Hollywood confession: I don’t think I can stomach voting for Academy Awards anymore

By Roger L. Simon, Fox News

I refuse to watch any of the awards shows. All they have evolved into is a showcase for the Ship of Fools and Boulder Rollers. Why have the network allowed such juvenile behavior; because they are one of the passengers on the Ship of Fools.

These programs were not originally set up for political revenge or for fools to air their laundry. They have been taken completely out of context and it seems to me, one fool follows the other, trying their best to be more of an idiot then the one that came before them.

Thank goodness for cable TV where we can get rid of the stumble-bums with the click of our finger and take out the trash at the same time.

Former ‘world’s heaviest woman’ dies after weight-loss surgery

An Egyptian woman who once held the title of “world’s heaviest woman” died in a hospital in the United Arab Emirates, her doctors said. Eman Abdul Atti, who at one point reportedly weighed over 1,100 pounds, was 37.

There are 1,000’s of addictions in this world that are constantly tempting us; one of the most controlling is EATING!!

Bon appetit


Frank, the lawnmower boy, still has liberals all worked up. Let’s cut the crap, folks!


I have said this many time and probably will continue to do so. There is a fools element in this country that has a loaf of bread under each are and still will find something insignificant to bitch about.

I think it is great thing for Frank to cut the Casa Bianca’s grass, something the lad will never forget. It says a lot for PDT allowing him to do so.

To all of the Boulder Rollers. Go sit in a big pan of ice and cool your nuts down or whatever else you claim to have tra le tue gambe.

U.S. airlines net $1.2 billion in checked bag fees

That is a very big bite off of the hand that feeds them. They are the same a the guy with the loaves of bread. Always crying the blues that they are broke.

Tighten up them seats folks, you still have about 3 inches you can squeeze out of your passengers.

All in all, I say MOST airlines are disgraceful. Initially when they were getting their feet wet in the airline industry, they appreciated the patronisation. A soon as they had their claws into the public, little by little they put on the squeeze. Now their customers are only $$$$$ them, trying every trick in the book to bleed us for all they can.







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