Time to pasteurize

McCain comes out against ObamaCare overhaul, dealing blow to GOP’s repeal hopes

Sen. John McCain announced his opposition Friday to Republican colleagues’ last-ditch ObamaCare overhaul bill, dealing a major blow to GOP leaders’ push to pass repeal legislation under President Trump.

Conditions in DC have become so bad that either party can not depend on the support of their own people. I said this years ago; why are there different parties; the donkeys and elephants??  Their meaning and intent has been lost many years ago. There should be only one party; THE THIEVES.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when it is time from them to be pasteurized; John McCain time has long past.

Watching politicians debate on issues is like watching the Judge Judy show where both parties are looking at the exact thing but they both have completely different versions of the incident and are lying through their teeth.  Like politicians, they are either very ignorant people or habitual liars.  I will go with 05% for door #1 and 95% for door #2.

Obamacares’ usefulness has been put down by some of the biggest and well-respected people in the industry because of all of its shortcomings and negativity. On the other side of the debate, we have different people looking at exactly the same conditions and swear it is the best thing that has come down the pike. It is not like we are describing the race of a guy that pulled a bank job, if he is white or black; they are all looking at the same findings.

DC visualization test:


How many people do you see in this picture and what race are they.


Democrats: three black, one white and one Indian.  Republicans: four white, two black and a green couch.

Is that preposterous or what? Tell me how different it is than what our politicians are doing. They are always looking at the same picture but can’t ever agree on anything.

Take McCain for instance. He has been in office entirely too long; he has become old and senile. It is time he is put out to pasture and be pasteurized. He cannot or doesn’t want to see the forest on account of the trees.

It is my opinion, the majority of people who are opposed to the revision or elimination of Obamacare are not taking that stand because of the pluses or minuses of the UN-affordable plan but their motivation is; they hate PDT.


Looking at the pros and cons of the plan; I say the cons far exceed the pros.  We don’t even want to talk about the bbbillions of dollar$ that was spent very foolishly to set this disaster up.

This behemoth was a loser right out of the starting gate, starting with the development of its website by a foreign company. I will label it; The Michelle Obama’s college roommate’s slush fund; to the tune of 2 billion dollar$, coming away with nothing to show for it.  That was just the tip of he hypodermic needle.

The ONLY reason Obama pushed this so hard to get his pet project passed, was to get his name in the history books as the 1st prez that put together a national healthcare.

Obama’s ego and stubbornness has cost this country incalculable amounts of money as well as  physical damages that have not yet popped up their ugly heads.

It is a sad commentary that politics in this country has evolved to the negative point; it is not what is good for the American people but what is good for the politicians, their financial contributers and their gigantic egos. It is all a big game that they are playing with the lives, health and security of the American people, putting us at risk.

I have the only solution to this and many other dilemmas in this country. It SHOULD be MANDATORY that the people who write the laws that governs the American people;  should have to live by the same rules they write. Same healthcare –  retirement, same-o-same-o all the way across the board.

Why is it the people who write the laws of the land, don’t think that the laws/rules/regulations are good enough for them? If they were compelled to live and play by the same rules as us peasants, we would see a very dramatic change in the way business is conducted in DC.


It is time for some serious pasteurization.      images

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