Mirror mirror on the wall ……

Fox News Sports

Tom Brady: I Hope Colin Kaepernick Gets Another Chance in NFL

Tom Brady on if Colin Kaepernick can play again in the NFL:

Tom Brady had kind words for Colin Kaepernick when asked whether the controversial figure should get another shot at playing with the NFL.

“I sure hope so,” the Patriots quarterback told CBS “Sunday Morning.” “I’ve always watched him and admired him, the way that he’s played. He was a great young quarterback.”

Tommy Boy sure knows how to win-over friends and influence people. If he would have said; he is a great quarterback but I do not agree with his political views, I would have had more respect for Bill’s Boy!!

I would find it very hard to watch a game this year because of all the anti-American antics being performed by the anti-American players and being allowed by the anti-American NFL and the anti-American multi-billionaire owners. May I add; all of witch made their fortune$ on this land that they are disrespecting.

I haven’t watched one game and don’t intend to.

What separates the doers from the talkers? Doers stand-up and will be recognized, whether under fire or not, while the talkers always go to the buffet table, gorge themselves on lobster tails and filet mignon but never eat any liver. Something like a part-time patriot. No such thing; either you are all-in or you are not in the game.  Gotta eat a little liver in life folks to know what it tastes like. Gotta stand-up and be recognized for what you believe in.

Just like PDT the doer. Against all odds, he is pushing forward and standing up for what he believes in.

BUT, always the BIG BUT; if you are one of the sheep that like playing follow the leader over the cliff, happy landing.


I will give Kaperdick credit for having balls and knowing what nerve to press. In his own right, he has more balls than the people who still support football.

How much effort would it take to put a clause in the players contract or in the NFL guidelines that all players must stand for the National Anthem? Just the stroke of a pen or a few taps on the keyboard.

If a person does not have any self-respect, when the time comes to slam the lid in their faces, what have they accomplished? Nothing? We should stand-up for what we believe in.

If you agree with Kaperdick and all his followers, continue to be a hypocrite and watch THE GAMES. If not, shut off the tube or put on an old rerun of The Lone Ranger.

Who is going to come to our rescue if and when the shit hits the fan, the USA or the NFL?

This post will definitely piss off a lot of people. Well, many times, the truth hurts.

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1 Response to Mirror mirror on the wall ……

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Yeah Tom…that will fill the seats! 🏈

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