Catching it from all angles

Iran’s Rouhani: US will pay a high cost if Trump scraps nuclear deal

Pyongyang (September 12, 2017): North Korea warned the United States on Tuesday that it would have to pay a “due price” if fresh sanctions are imposed against Pyongyang.

This is what is called getting sounded on severely. The USA and PDT are getting hit from all sides.   There have been enough Wolf Tickets sold to the USA in recent times, they could fill all of the Ohio State stadium seating to capacity.

Just how much abuse can PDT and company stand without making a wrong decision or losing composure?  It has to be a very difficult task to undertake.

For no other reason except the safety and security of the USA’ citizens; I would hope that all sides come to some kind of reconciliation with one another. All of this unnecessary friction, on top of our foreign headaches is too much to ask one man to carry.  PDT needs the support of the majority of the population in order to successfully conduct the affairs of state.

Is it possible that all of the Boulder Rollers and the Ship of Fools are that dense that they do not see it??  I will label it egotistical-gratification.  All they give a %#$* about are their own personal issues and not what is best for the country.

Wake up and smell the napalm folks before it is too late. Don’t forget, Iran and NK are the vocal enemies, we still have Russia and China standing silently for the most part, chomping at the bit, for the opportune time to put the USA 6′ under.

Don’t forget the terrorists and homeland thugs that are a real threat to society.  All combined, that is one over-loaded plate no man should be asked to carry alone.

FOLKS; Support PDT even if you hate him. It is a matter of life or death to the future of your families. Are you that selfish and consumed by yourself not to support your country??

Many times I am inclined to believe, many people are very ill informed or are totally ignorant. If that were not the case, why would they act so irrational??

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